Broward’s Early Voter Turnout Lagging In The State


Broward County’s turnout is lagging again, this time in the presidential primary.

Statewide roughly 15.7 percent of the voters have cast ballots by absentee or early voting through Friday.  That includes about 16.6 percent of the Democrats,  24.5 percent of the Republicans and 1.5 percent of the NPAs, according to the website ElectionSmith run by University of Florida political science professor Daniel A. Smith. 

The Broward Supervisor of Elections reports that roughly 13 percent of all the county’s voters had cast ballots through Saturday, one day later.

Broward’s turnout has trailed the state and neighboring counties in the past several elections. Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes’ failure to do more to increase the turnout is a major issue for her Democratic primary challenger, candidate David Brown.

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Brown’s campaign literature contends the Broward turnout was behind the statewide average for the past 15 year.

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