Broward Politics Tough For Republicans: GOP Leaders Run For Meaningless Water Board

Richard DeNapoli (left) and Rico Petrocelli

Things are really tough for Republicans in blue, blue Broward.

After several losing campaigns, two former Broward Republican Chairs have sunk to running for seats on an almost unknown soil & water board that has no real functions.

Former local GOP Chairs Richard DeNapoli and Rico Petrocelli are currently campaigning for the Broward Soil & Water District board.

DeNapoli lost a Florida House race in Sarasota two years ago, while Petrocelli failed in attempts to be elected to the Plantation City Commission. Apparently the only corridor left for them is the Broward Soil & Water District…two non-partisan races way down near the bottom of the November ballot.

The Broward Soil & Water What!!!????

Almost nobody knows what the Broward Soil & Water District does and for good reason.

They do nothing.

At least the district does nothing that costs money.

The district has had no income, no expenses and no debt for the past three years, according to local government finance reports it filed in Tallahassee.

By Buddy Nevins,, excerpt posted on Oct. 12, 2016