Broward Health and Dr. El Sinadi – What’s My End Game

By Dan Lewis,, for, Aug 19, 2015 –  Apart from vacation and family time, after my last post I wanted to step back a little and contemplate my end game with this blog.  I never intended this blog to be without purpose and to simply dissolve into article after article highlighting the inexcusable and indefensible conduct of Dr. El Sanadi and his board.  After over 35 years of public policy experience, it was my naïve hope that by exposing their outrageous conduct they would somehow modify and change their conduct.  That didn’t happen in spite of over 40 articles (although I don’t hear as many “if I may” or the hypocritical miss-use of “transparency” at meetings anymore).

I needed to search for some measure of accountability to which Dr. El Sanadi and the board of commissioners could be held.  If the board were elected, the accountability would come from voters.  Those are people with whom I have some experience.  But the Broward Health board is appointed by the Governor who seems completely insensitive to the incompetence of his appointments so long as that areloyal to him politically.  I needed someone to hold responsible for the indefensible conduct of Dr. El Sanadi and the Broward Health Board.

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Dan Lewis of Strategic Technologies Research, Inc., in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a former elected Miramar commissioner, Chair of the Broward County Charter Review Commission as well as many City, School Board and County public advisory boards over the last three decades. The opinions expressed here are his own and not that of SouthFloridaReporter.