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The Blueberry Muffin Is Minnesota’s State Muffin Thanks To A Third Grade Social Studies Class

blueberry muffin day

Whether it is for breakfast or a snack, blueberry muffins are melt-in-your-mouth delicious and are honored each year on July 11th, National Blueberry Muffin Day.

The origin of the blueberry muffin is a tale of adaptation and culinary fortune. Once long ago there was a commonly used berry known as the bilberry, it was commonly used in all forms of baked goods throughout Europe. When first arriving in the Americas, the pilgrims realized that bilberries were not native to this new land, and so it was that the blueberry was discovered and found its way into baking. What a fortunate day it was for the muffin when this occurred, for it is without question that the blueberry muffin knows no equal.

Fun Facts: 

  1. The blueberry muffin is the official muffin of Minnesota. A group of children helped bring about a Minnesota law giving the blueberry muffin recognition. As part of a study of state foods in a social studies class, third-graders from Carlton, Minnesota’s South Terrace Elementary School suggested that the blueberry muffin should be the official state muffin. Acting on the initiative, the Minnesota legislature in 1988 so designated the blueberry muffin.
  2. If all the blueberries grown in North America in one year were spread out in a single layer, they would cover a four-lane highway that stretched from New York to Chicago.
  3. The blueberry is the second most popular berry in the US (the strawberry is number one).
  4. The United States is the world’s largest blueberry producer
  5. Blueberry muffin is the favorite muffin of Americans
  6. Native Americans were already baking with blueberries before the European settlers came. Even before the arrival of European settlers, Native Americans were already eating a pudding made of blueberries, cracked corn and water. They called this baked concoction as “sautauthig.” The settlers then improved the recipe with the addition of milk, sugar and butter. Many historians believe that “sautauthig” was served on the table when the first Thanksgiving was celebrated.
  7. Blueberries contain anthocyanin, which is good for eyesight.
  8. Blueberries contain significant quantities of both antibacterial and antiviral compounds, and have a reputation in northern Europe of fighting infections. They may also help protect against heart disease.


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