It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…It’s Super Trump!

super trump

Visitors to Disney World and Universal may see a new attraction somewhere in the Interstate 4 corridor — Super Trump.

Trump fan Dr. Robert Shillman of San Diego paid for the billboard along with one now on display in New York City’s Times Square.

“When I was a kid, Superman was my idol because he stood for Truth, Justice and The American Way, just like Donald Trump,” said Shillman.

Joel Greenberg, described on the as a millennial entrepreneur, is providing the space for the Super Trump Florida billboard.

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The placement in the I-4 corridor is no coincidence.

The corridor stretches through two of the swing state’s two top media markets — Tampa Bay and Orlando.  It has roughly 1.5 million voters with no party affiliation.  That could be the largest group of unaffiliated voters in the nation and is the reason the corridor is being targeted by both Hillary Clinton and Trump’s campaign.

Greenberg, 31, ousted 27-year veteran Seminole County Tax Appraiser Ray Valdes, 78, in the August primary.

Political provocateur Roger Stone of Fort Lauderdale, a Trump advisor, appears to have a role in the billboard idea.

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super trump