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Best Poker Games for Beginners


Poker is a great game to play if you’re looking for some fun with friends. In fact, you can play poker online for real money with complete strangers if you want to. If you have never played poker before, you may not be aware of the fact that there are actually a number of different kinds of poker games out there.

There are games designed for people with more advanced skills, and games that are better for beginners too.

If you are looking for the best poker games for beginners, we have you covered. Here are a couple of games that are certainly worth trying if you want to learn more about poker and try your hand at something just a little bit easier than the real deal.

Texas Hold’em

This particular game of poker is incredibly popular. If you look at online casinos then this is likely to be the kind of poker that you will find on the website. You can play with between two and ten people on one table. Two of the players on the left will put their bets forward – these are known as blinds. Then the round of poker will begin. 

Now the game begins, and 2 cards are given to every single player. The gameplay goes clockwise around the table.

The dealer will then bring out three cards that are called the flop after the very first round of betting has concluded. This will allow the players to make a hand combination that works for them before the second betting round starts. 

If nobody wins then the play will keep on going, with 4th and 5th cards added into the mix if nobody plays a hand that’s good enough.

When someone gets the best 5 card hand on the whole table, they will win the game. Alternatively, if you can make the other players fold then you will win all of the money. It’s fairly straightforward and easy enough to practice since you can find the game on pretty much every mobile app or website imaginable. 

Three Card Poker

You may never have heard of three-card poker before, in which case you are definitely missing out. This game is played against the person who’s dealing in a casino, and it is somewhat different from traditional types of poker. What’s great about it though is that it’s fairly easy to learn to play, making it perfect for beginners.

To start with, place your ante wager and your dealer will deal three cards for you. Each of these cards will be facing down on the table. Your dealer will have three cards of his own.

As with normal poker, you would then need to look at your hand and work out whether it’s a good idea for you to place a wager on that particular hand. You can choose to fold or place a bet, but the dealer will take your ante wager if you do choose to fold. All the cards will be turned over instead if you chose to play the hand. 

So how do you win? Simple – you have a better hand than the dealer.

This is a popular kind of poker that you may see often in casinos. It’s certainly worth trying out if you want to play poker but the traditional game seems a little too complex at first. 

Short Deck

Short Deck is a slightly altered version of Texas Hold’em and it is also rather popular. The game is played with 36 cards in total, so many cards are excluded. Every card from 2 – 5 is taken out of the deck in this game, which is why it’s called Short Deck. Otherwise, it’s played similarly to Texas Hold’em, except that a flush will now beat a full house. 

What’s great about this game is that because there are fewer cards, there are also more chances of getting a good hand that you can play. This may increase your chances of winning, which can make the game much more enjoyable. It’s the ideal game for beginners to play thanks to the simplicity and the increased odds of claiming victory. It’s one that you need to try if you’re looking for a poker game to play!

Those are just a few of the best poker games that you can play if you are just getting started with the game. There are plenty of poker variations out there that you can try, you just need to look for them. It’s time to find your new favorite game today! 



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