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Best PDF Editors Online


PDF editors are extremely important for business operations. You might be surprised at how often PDF editors are used in everyday life, whether it be in schools or businesses or anywhere else that people need to document their information. When working with PDFs, one thing that you absolutely will need is some kind of online PDF editor; generally these can be found online. There are some downloadable software versions, but these tend to be rather expensive and more suited to large corporations or academic institutions. If you have some kind PDF that needs to be edited, then an online PDF editor is the way to go. But how do you choose from among all the different options available online?

There are many PDF editors online, and choosing one can be difficult, as they all seem pretty similar. Upload documents, edit, download, save; seems pretty straightforward, but there is more to it than that. Different online PDF editors offer different things. Some of them are just basic template editors where you can fill in the blanks. Others are more extensive and allow for you to do much more like merging PDF files, splitting PDF files, or even converting other documents into PDFs. The right one for you or your business is really up to you. While there are many online PDF editors, there are a few that stand out in terms of quality and availability of tools.

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF’s list of tools and utilities offered in its online version makes it a choice for businesses and schools. Lumin PDF does what every other editor does, where you can upload your PDF file and begin editing and working on it. The biggest pro of Lumin PDF is that it’s connected with Google Drive. This allows people and businesses to work from their Google Drive and save directly into it, which makes for a better workflow. In addition, other features are the ability to convert, split, or merge PDF documents. Lumin PDF is an all-around PDF editor especially for anyone using Google or Google Drive.

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Sejda is another popular online PDF editor with easy to use features. It is very user-friendly as many people who work with and edit PDFs online are not usually people who work with PDFs. This makes Sejda great for people working with uncomplicated documents. 


Smallpdf is another excellent online PDF editor with an easy learning curve as well. It is a great tool for merging and splitting PDF files online, making it useful for anyone working on presentations. Smallpdf functions exclusively online. Another useful feature is the ability to compress PDF files. Compression of PDF files makes a very large PDF file that is too large to send via email, so it can be compressed, then sent and downloaded by the other user. Smallpdf is an effective and not overly complicated online PDF editor which many people find useful.


PDFescape works as an all-around online PDF editor. PDFescape has an offline and online version. This editor has a free or subscription version to help you achieve your goal. Besides being just a tool for editing, compressing or splitting, PDFescape also works as a creator of PDF files. 

Regardless, if you are trying to simply fill in a PDF document online or create your own PDF files just remember to find the right PDF editor for you.