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Best Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Combating Joint Pain


Suffering from joint pain is terrible.  Whether you have arthritis or inflammation due to injury, you want relief.  When taking medications for joint pain, you still can have symptoms.

Arthritis sufferers know that symptoms can be light some days and crippling others. Some say the weather has a direct effect on their pain level, some even being to almost predict the weather based on the severity of the pain they are experiencing.

Physical activity is another contributing factor in pain level.  But what about our diet? Studies show that 24% of people report that their diet influences their symptoms.  

Here are some foods that are known to have anti-inflammatory effects on the body.

Green Tea

It’s no wonder green tea is often part of the conversation when discussing superfoods and healthy drinks.  Green tea contains EGCG, epigallocatechin three gallate, which works to stop the production of inflammatory chemicals in your body.  It is also linked to helping prevent cartilage from deteriorating which can work to avoid arthritis or joint injuries.


Vitamin C has a host of significant benefits to your health.  Vitamin C is linked to healthy collagen, which is vital to keep your cartilage healthy.  Eating an orange every day is a great way to reduce your risk of having joint problems, or help minimize the symptoms you are currently suffering from joint pain.


Berries have a ton of nutrients that help not only your joints but many other parts of your body.  Berries have ellagic acid and anthocyanins, both of which are antioxidants that will help to decrease the inflammation that causes joint pain and swelling.

Fatty Fish

Oily fish like sardines and salmon are packed full of omega-3 fatty acids.  Omega-3 helps to slow the production of enzymes that attack cartilage. They help regulate inflammation which will help reduce the stiffness and pain you are experiencing.


Turmeric contains curcumin.  Curcumin works by blocking the inflammatory causing enzymes which cause pain and swelling.  Another fantastic thing is that curcumin can help block the chemical pain messenger receptors helping to control the pain associated with arthritis and joint pain.


Ginger has long been associated with helping alleviate upset stomachs.  But you might not know that ginger is one of the most potent, natural anti-inflammatories.  It works as a blocker to enzymes that cause discomfort and swelling of joints.

Red Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  This is very true when it comes to pain associated with joint pain.  Red apples contain Quercetin, which is another antioxidant that helps keep arthritis joint pain suppressed.  Apples also contain anthocyanins another powerful antioxidant compound. Anthocyanins are also what makes the apple red.

When working with your doctor for a pain management program, a diet should be part of the discussion.  Many of the foods and drinks mentioned above are easy to incorporate into your meal plan and could help you see improvement from pain and swelling according to the Connecticut Arthritis Foundation.  

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