Behind the Controls: Henry Do

Henry Do

Henry Do is one of those pilots with an eye that catches what others sometimes don’t. He’s a professional photographer who hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and takes every advantage to capture the beauty and wild side of Sin City.

Henry DoBut he’s not just landlocked in Vegas. Henry travels the world thanks to his love for seeking out new destinations for his passion for photography. As an adventure-seeker, he doesn’t shy away from some of world’s most beautiful canyons and islands.

When he’s not piloting his drone, you can catch Henry snapping pics of fast (and ridiculously beautiful cars). Whether it’s a Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, GT-R…Henry doesn’t discriminate. But he does capture the sheer elegance of every machine he points the camera at (check out his website).

But today is all about Henry Do and his drone work. That’s why we’re happy to honor him as this week’s talented pilot Behind The Controls. Enjoy!

FullDrone, excerpt posted on Sept. 14, 2016