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Beach Bag Essentials For Your Baby

Taking your baby to the beach is a fun and exciting experience. Babies are naturally curious about nature, and the beach is no exception. There’s nothing like watching the expression on your baby’s face when the waves rush up over their ankles coupled with all of the other fun stuff that happens on a beach.

There are certain items that you need to have in your beach bag when you’re taking your baby to the beach for the day that makes a difference when it comes to your baby’s comfort level and overall enjoyment.

Like most good parents, you may want to take the baby’s room with you, afraid that you might forget something important? There’s no need to worry, the items listed below will help you get prepared for a day at the beach with your baby.

 Essential Beach Bag Items for Baby

  1. The Bag

The most important item is a beach bag because you’re going to need something to carry your baby-beach items in.  A good baby-beach bag will have compartments that keep sand and debris out and items safe. You want a larger one with zippered compartments of different sizes with solid nylon-stitched handles, so it’s easy to carry around. You should also consider a bag that’s made with quality materials, and one that doesn’t hold moisture and keeps essential baby items dry.

  1. Swim Diapers

When you’re taking your baby to the beach, it’s important to have waterproof swim diapers in your beach bag. There are generally two types available: disposable or reusable swim diapers. Most parents choose to go with disposable swim diapers rather than reusable swim diaper because it’s easier to throw them away.

  1. Baby Sunscreen

Baby sunscreen is probably the most important item to have in your beach bag due to the severity of burns that can occur on your baby’s tender and delicate skin. You want a sunscreen that has at least an SPF50+ rating or more. It’s important to apply sunscreen to your baby’s skin in order to prevent sun-related illnesses or sunburn. 

  1. Water and Snacks

Going to the beach all day is going to require plenty of water and nutritious snacks for your baby. A lot of parents are now throwing fill & freeze pops like the ones at teetherpop.com into their beach bags as well as the baby’s favorite snacks. Water and nutritious snacks will satisfy your baby and keep them satisfied until you can make them a proper meal. Freeze your pops and bottles of water before you put them in the insulated compartment of your beach bag or cooler.

  1. Baby Sun Tent

Sun tents play a vital role in keeping your baby safe from harmful UV sun rays. Sun tents have a lot of benefits on the beach. It provides shelter from the sun, serves as a diaper changing room, privacy for breastfeeding, and it’s a nice little retreat for your baby to play and sleep. Baby sun tents are compact and easy to set up. It’s wise to look for baby sun tents that include stakes, so it doesn’t blow away when a good gust of wind comes whipping off the ocean.

6. Water Resistant Baby Blanket

Water resistant baby blankets are an essential item to have in your beach bag. They’re very important for the baby’s comfort on the beach. They also work well under your baby’s sun tent because it provides insulation against the hot sand, and they serve as a play mat. Guaranteed, if you place your baby on the sand, there’s a good chance they’ll eat it. Water resistant blankets prevent accidental digestion of sand and keep your baby safe.

7. Disposable Tidy Bags

Disposable tidy bags are very important because when swim diapers become soiled, they can get quite messy. They also make a convenient trash bag, especially if the garbage bins are located far away.

8. Baby Sun Hats

No beach bag is complete without a sun hat for your baby. Sun hats are vital to keeping the top of your baby’s head from becoming sunburned. Your baby’s skin is still in the ultra-sensitive stage, so sun hats are important for keeping the sun from scorching their heads, and it keeps the bright sun out of their eyes. When it comes to sun hats it’s vital to buy one that has a UPF rating and large flaps for maximum sun protection.

9. Beach Toys

As far as your baby is concerned, the most important item that should go in the beach bag is the beach toys. No trip to the beach is complete without pails and shovels. You can also take some of their favorite toys that won’t get ruined by the water and sand. A good pail and shovel play set coupled with a freeze pop from Teetherpop can keep your baby entertained for hours.

Other Essential Baby Beach Items

Some of these other beach items are not only beneficial for your baby, but they also benefit you as well:

  • Umbrellas: Umbrellas are a “must-have” when going to the beach for providing shade for your baby, especially if you don’t have a baby sun tent.
  • Sandals: Sandals are also important to protect your baby’s feet from burning. Hot sand can reach temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cooler: Coolers are vital if you plan on spending the day at the beach. You will need a well-insulated cooler to keep your baby’s water, snacks, and freeze pops cold.
  • Camera: You will definitely want a camera or your smartphone to take pics and videos of these precious moments.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are not only fun, but they’re also very important for protecting your baby’s eyes.

The most important part of taking your baby to the beach is making sure your baby isn’t overexposed to the sun and they stay hydrated. After you have your beach bag packed with everything you need for your baby? The next step is taking off for the beach to enjoy your day.