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Banning Vaping In Florida: Pros And Cons


Every day we see people breathing a large amount of steam into their bodies using these special devices. Vaping is the process of smoking electronic cigarettes, evaporators and other similar devices. Vape tool is an electronic cigarette, something like a mini hookah.

Vapers are the new kind of smokers who don’t smoke ordinary cigarettes, but are promoting smoking of electronic devices as a safe alternative to conventional cigarettes.

Vaping is a new trend among young people. Smokers create communities, buy various devices for vaping, which developers improve every day. The devices look like small boxes with a nozzle or long decorated metal cylinders, or they also may have an exclusive design. In large cities, people can find vape cafes, visit festivals and competitions, buy the newest and unique e-cigs in big shops.

The Legislation on electronic cigarettes

On May 5, 2016, the Food and Drug Administration published a 499-page document on electronic cigarettes. It dealt with devices and liquids produced after 2007. The main thesis of the document is the “freezing” of the electronic cigarette market.

The regulations entered into force on August 8, 2016. At the same time, two new mechanisms were launched. First, manufacturers were banned from releasing new devices. Secondly, the devices produced before August 8, 2016, had to be registered with the FDA. This was given 2 years – on August 8, 2018, any “illegal” products would be withdrawn from sale.

That is why, presumably, a lot of new devices and liquids were announced at that time – the manufacturers wanted to be in time before August 8, 2016. At the same time, from August 8, 2016, until today, the American market still produce new products – this was done, of course, bypassing the law.

The legislation of e-cigarettes in Florida

Florida is one of the US states where smoking became impossible in almost all enclosed spaces. There is a corresponding law, declaring restaurants and bars as a smokeless zone. Earlier, a ban on smoking was introduced in all administrative buildings of the state, shops, theaters, and offices of companies. The using of the cigarette in the restaurant costs a fine of $100. If you violate the law again, you will have to pay $500.

But, unlike the more stringent anti-smoking law in New York, Florida lawmakers made exceptions to the rules, allowing smoking in some private clubs, yards at restaurants and individual specialized bars.

The Florida Constitution Revision Commission voted 26-6 in favor of the vaping banning and placed it one step closer to the 2018 ballot. A final polling must come at the middle of spring when the commission is about to finish its work. Former state Sen. Lisa Carlton, the main backer of the proposal, said Floridians have been subjected to second-hand vapor when they attend movies, cafes and other public places since the devices started proliferating.

“Add e-cigarettes and vaping into the Constitution so that our citizens can stop being experiments. Because that’s what we’ve been … as those of us who don’t vape have been an experiment for all of the citizens that are vaping,” Carlton said. “I think it’s time to clean up our restaurants, our malls, our movie theaters, so we can all breathe clean air again, which is what the 2002 constitutional amendment intended.”

Florida Cancer Action Network lobbyist, Heather Yeomans, said her group supports the proposal but has suggested a number of changes, including eliminating the term “vapor generating devices” and replacing it with electronic smoking devices which, she said, would capture devices such as electronic hookahs, electronic pens, and electronic cigarettes.

Yeomans said the Cancer Action Network also would like the proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate an existing exemption that allows people to smoke in some bars and hotels.

Why people vote for banning e-cigarettes?

There are many reasons that make peoplea gainst any presence of both conventional cigarette and e-cigarette. Despite the fact that propylene glycol and glycerin are considered to be safe substances, nothing is known about their long-term effects. There are suggestions that propylene glycol may cause irritation of the lungs.

In the liquid for electronic cigarettes, toxic substances and carcinogenic components, such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, are found. One study showed that cells under the influence of steam from electronic cigarettes had similar genetic changes that occurred in cells due to the influence of smoke from conventional cigarettes. This raises the question, can electronic cigarettes lead to lung cancer?

Also, many non-smokers are afraid of passive smoking, both conventional and electronic cigarettes. Studies in recent years have shown that passive smokers breathe much more poisonous substances than active smokers. The fact is that in the process of tightening the tobacco begins to burn, resulting in the formation of smoke filled with carcinogenic substances. And it is divided into 2 parts: the main and additional. The main part of the smoke is fully absorbed by the active smoker, and the additional one gets into the environment. People who do not want to inhale unknown substances are well-understood – why do I have to poison my lungs if I don’t  even smoke or vape?

Who is against banning the usage of e-cigarettes?

People are using e-cig vaporizer very often, especially in order to quit smoking. It’s very important for them to use their device to avoid breakdowns and nervous irritations. Also, any person who wants to relax with his electronic cigarette. They go to a smoking zone in a restaurant or cafe, which is convenient for both smokers and non-smokers.

Every adult person understands the dangers of smoking and can decide whether he wants to expose his life to any risk for the sake of relaxation or not. Florida is a state of recreation and entertainment and many tourists come to this state to have a good time and relax. The cessation of the use of electronic devices can negatively affect the mood and rest of certain people, which of course is not critical on a large scale, but still unpleasant.

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