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Back-In Parking: Why It’s Safer


Next time you’re in a parking lot, look around. Do most people park by backing in to a spot, or do they just drive straight in? According to one study, the back-in behavior indicates a person’s ability to delay gratification, and it can even predict a country’s economic growth.

But backing in to a parking space has another positive: It’s safer. When you back in, you’re backing into a designated empty space. Compare that to backing out of a parking space and straight into a busy parking lot with oncoming cars.

However, most people—76 percent—prefer to pull forward into a spot, according to AAA research. On average, 50,000 car crashes happen in a parking lot, according to The National Safety Council. But an about-face can help you stay safe when you park.

Ready to start parking more safely? Here are three steps toward being the safest parker in the lot. Note that it’s illegal in some places to back into certain parking spaces—so research your local laws.

AAA, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Aug. 5, 2018