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Attention: Frequent Florida Farmers’ Market Shoppers

Farmers' Market

Boy, are we fortunate to live in Florida. While other states tend to have a “season” for Farmers’ Markets, the Sunshine State has an abundance of incredible choices year-round. Most of the markets happen once a week, usually on the weekend; while some of these markets are open daily. No matter where you live in the great state of Florida,  you are pretty much guaranteed that an authentic Farmers’ Market is not too far away.

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it’s always an adventure to explore these unique, homegrown markets. We recommend hitting one whenever your travels bring you to a new city/town. It’s a great way to experience the flavor of the community. Each one tends to have its own personality and usually includes a surprise vendor or two … or dozen. Plus, the vibe is always very casual, laid back and friendly. There’s something for everyone no matter what age they are.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes because you’ll be doing some serious walking, especially at the larger markets. We love to grab a cup of coffee or fresh juice and simply roam around without an agenda. We will scan the whole market before deciding what we are going to purchase.

Farmers’ Markets are also a great place to do some serious people watching. It’s always fun to which booths attract the most traffic and what is being purchased. Try to remember to bring your own reusable grocery bags, so you can fill them up with your purchases. Many of the vendors offer plastic bags, but it’s a good idea to bring your own.

AuthenticFlorida, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Feb. 2, 2018