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At-Home COVID-19 Tests Offered to JetBlue Travelers

Monday JetBlue today announced it is partnering with Vault Health to make COVID-19 testing widely available to customers with pending travel plans.  While the cost for the test is probably more than the price of the airline ticket, the “reliable” at-home test option provides convenience to travelers wanting peace of mind and those who must secure a negative COVID-19 test before entering certain states.

With many states and countries requiring a negative PCR test to enter or avoid quarantine, the test meets the medical standard for many jurisdictions and allows customers another option before travel.

The at-home saliva test is administered via online video connection through Vault Health, with a test supervisor who ensures the customer is providing their sample properly. The sample is then overnighted to a laboratory that processes and analyzes the specimen, and results are provided in 72 hours or less.

Vault Health will handle all testing and provide JetBlue customers both discounts on their tests and a dedicated customer support phone line.

In addition to priority support, Vault Health has created a dedicated landing page for JetBlue customers with current reservations, located at https://learn.vaulthealth.com/jetblue/

The page allows customers to provide their JetBlue confirmation code to start the process and receive a discount on testing. It is important to note that many but not all jurisdictions accept PCR tests administered at home or from saliva. All travelers should thoroughly research their destination or reentry travel requirements then make the best decision for testing based on their travel itinerary to avoid any disruptions.

About Vault Health
Vault Health is a performance healthcare technology platform designed to help men through specialized in-home treatments for better health. Vault helps men overcome shortcomings in existing healthcare offerings through extensive education, professional medical evaluation, and personalized treatment. At the onset of COVID-19, Vault Health shifted focus and joined in the effort to address the COVID-19 pandemic to facilitate testing with the first FDA-authorized saliva test for men, women, and children.