As Comcast Struggles, CEO Brian Roberts Builds $15 Million-House in North Palm Beach!

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is building a $15 million-home in North Palm Beach ( photo)

NORTH PALM BEACH — In yet another story of corporate unaccountability: Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is building a sprawling mansion on the ocean in North Palm Beach.

Never mind that Comcast is still struggling with an aborted merger and its title of America’s Worst Company!

By the end of the year, the 55-year-old Roberts will be vested in the Palm Beach Country real estate market to the tune of $18 million — all of it cold, hard cash.

That’s money he could’ve better spent on improving Comcast’s abysmal customer service, don’t you think?

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The latest: Roberts is plunking down an estimated $6 million on a mansion he and wife Aileen started building two years ago in the fancy Lost Tree Village.

The permits show West Palm Beach’s Davis General Contracting has been doing the work.

The crib, at 11954 Turtle Beach Road, is going up on a property Roberts quietly bought under the name Eltree LLC in 2011 for $8.8 million, records show.

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Roberts’ name doesn’t turn up on the deed but Eltree is based in cable TV and Internet provider Comcast’s Philadelphia headquarters.

So, where’s Roberts staying while the house is getting finished?

He owns a $3.6 million-condo down the street, in Lost Tree Village’s Great House complex.

Originally published by June 15, 2015