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Are You Choosing The Right Clothes For Your Body Type?

Body types vary from one woman to another. Not everyone can meet the standards of a Miss Universe beauty pageant and that’s okay because every woman is unique and beautiful in their own way. That’s why it is essential to know the measurements of your own body type if you wish to find the most appropriate clothes to wear and still stand out from the general public.

Here are some of the common body types and how you can find the right clothes to wear:

1.  Apple
The apple body type is when you have a proportionally larger upper body with slim hips and broad shoulders. So you need to wear clothes that divert the audience’s attention away from your waist and midsection. So we would suggest you wear A-line dresses, wrap dresses and v-neck empire waist dresses and tops.

Be sure to keep away from bulky tops, double-breasted jackets, and clingy silhouettes. Instead, you should opt for ruched tops, layered tops, and tunics. And if you are top heavy, keep away from straight leg pants and avoid skinny jeans. You’d be much better off wearing flared or bootcut pants with back pockets.

2.  Hourglass

If you have this body type, you should focus on highlighting your curves. To do this, you have to wear clothes that draw attention to your waist. Avoid baggy clothing as you have to focus on your narrow waist in order to highlight your bust and curves.

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Be sure to wear garments that fit correctly instead of just looking neat or cute. If you have a large bust, try finding the right kind of bra for it. Keep away from unstructured bras or padded cups to make your cleavage look droopy. We suggest going for pencil skirts, V-neck tops and dresses, and shirts that make your breasts more prominent.

3.  Rectangular

For this body type, you may not have natural curves, which can be created with the proper clothes and accessories. You should wear a belt at the narrowest part of your waist in order to accentuate it. We recommend choosing wrap dresses and empire waist.

Wear tops that end at your hips’ mid-section. Enhance the bust and shoulder line with pleated or ruffled tops and then select accessories that add volume to your upper part.

Please choose underwear that makes your waist more defined and provides good support for your bust. Peplum tops, jackets, dresses, and skirts can create the hourglass illusion.

4.  Pear

To balance the shape of your figure, you have to highlight your shoulders, which you do by using pashminas, scarves and colorful necklaces. Go for embellished and patterned dresses and tops. A bateau neckline, cap, and puff sleeves can help your shoulders look broader.

Avoid capri pants, tight pants, pencil skirts, and short skirts and go for A-line skirts and tailored, flared pants instead. You can wear solid and dark colors for the bottom half and brightly, lighter colored tops which you can get at Gothic clothing & accessories.

5.  Triangle

The triangle body type refers to torso and shoulders that are narrower than the hips.

To bring out the best part of this body type, you should avoid oversized and shapeless sweaters, skirts in a flimsy, curve-hugging fabric like silk and skinny jeans and pants.

Look for a dark pair of wide-leg pants so that it slenderizes the thighs while also creating a longer and slimmer silhouette. You can also look for a tailored or structured jacket to play up the shoulders and even out the lower body’s proportions.

A boatneck top’s wide neckline broadens the shoulders to offset fuller hips. The non-clinging design of A-line shirts is truly a marvel to behold. You should go looking for a tapered A-line to appearing looking too triangular.

Following these simple guidelines will become a natural choice after time. You’ll look great and feel great!