Anti-Abortion, Pro-Corporate Justices Canady, Polston Want To Stay On The Supreme Ct.

Charles T. Canady

If the overwhelming majority of the lawyers answering a recent Florida Bar poll have their way, voters will choose to retain all the justices on the November ballot.

Would the bulk of Broward voters would agree with the lawyers?


Charles T. Canady and Ricky L. Polston – two of the three justices asking voters to leave them on the court – are the most conservative, anti-abortion, pro-corporation justices.

Canady is even on Donald Trump’s list of judges he would consider for a U. S. Supreme Court appointment. 

Here are the facts:

Florida law requires that each Supreme Court and Court of Appeal judge face voters every six years. Unlike trial courts, there are no competing candidates.  Voters only decide whether they want the justices to remain on the bench.  This is called a merit retention election.

Merit retention is a puzzling question to the vast majority of voters.  They have absolutely no awareness of the justices. What are their background? Have their rulings been fair?

The Florida Bar attempts to fill the knowledge gap.

By Buddy Nevins,, excerpt posted on Oct. 19, 2016