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Ansel Adams Would Hike The Whole Day In Yosemite To Take One Photo.


The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) along with millions of photographers and photography lovers across the nation observe Nature Photography Day on June 15th.

  • The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA) was formed in 1994 by well over 100 nature photography enthusiasts. The members of this organization were deeply invested in the future of this art form, and ensuring that those who practice it are taking proper steps to protect the subject of their photography through environmental conservation and awareness.
  • Every two minutes we snap more pictures than the whole of humanity did in the 1800s.
  • Cameras that captured the Moon’s surface for the first time were left there because of their weight.
  • People started making funny cats photos in the 19th century.  Images and videos of cats create one of the most viewed content on the Internet – and let’s admit it, we are very happy about it. Interesting thing is, cats have been viral since the 1870s when the Brighton photographer Harry Pointer became famous for his funny cat pictures.
  • People never smiled on the old photos because they had to stay still for hours.
  • The inventor of photography was better known for his invention of propeller and boats.  Cameras existed way before photographs were invented – they evolved from camera obscura and have been changing throughout centuries. The fist somewhat successful photograph was taken in approximately 1816 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce. This took him eight hours of exposure to light, and the picture still was fuzzy. Maybe that’s why during his lifetime, Niépce was better known for his invention of a propeller for boats.
  • The most viewed photograph in history is the Windows XP’s default wallpaper called “Bliss”.  Bliss was taken in 1996 (years before Windows XP was launched) in Sonoma County, California by an American photographer Charles O’Rear. He snapped the picture on film with a medium-format camera. Although many claim that the photo was digitally manipulated, O’Rear claims it never was. Right now the landscape looks different – grapevines were planted on the hill so now Bliss is impossible to duplicate.
  • The word “photography” originates from Greek, meaning drawing with light.
  • The word camera originates from the Latin word “camera obscura” which means “dark chamber”.
  • The first ever camera described in the history was a pin hole camera, dating back to 4th or 5th century.
  •  All sensors of modern cameras only capture in black and white. It then calculates red, green, and blue tints according to the luminance to add color to the picture.
  • Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell produces the world’s first color photograph in 1861.   The world’s first color picture was a photograph of a tartan ribbon produced by photographing it three times through red, blue, and yellow filters, then recombining the images into one color composite.
  • The first underwater color photograph was taken off the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico by Dr. William Longley and National Geographic staff photographer Charles Martin in 1926
  • A photo of the Machu Picchu was the first archaeology photo ever taken
  • The largest camera collection is owned by Dilish Parekh, a photo Journalist from Mumbai. He owns 4,425 antique cameras.
  • George Eastman patented film in rolls technology in 1884 before he perfected the first camera to utilize the technology at the time.
  • The first digital camera only had 0.01 megapixel, weighed 8 pounds (3.6 kg) and takes 23 seconds to record a picture on a cassette tape.
  • Ansel Adams would hike for the whole day in Yosemite National Park just to take one photo.
  • Ansel Adams aspired to be a pianist but turned to photography during his late teens.
  • The first aerial photograph was taken by French photographer Gaspar Felix Tournachon in 1858, who was also a balloonist.
  • Photoshop was created by the Knoll brothers in 1987 as ImagePro. It was bought by Adobe to create what we now know as Photoshop.  Photoshop 1.0 was released on 19 February 1990 exclusively for Macintosh only.
  • The first instant camera was invented by Samuel Shlafrock. It consisted of a camera and portable wet darkroom in a single compartment
  • There is an average of 350 million photos uploaded to Facebook per day. More than 250 billion photos have been uploaded to Facebook.
  • Every two minutes we snap more pictures than the whole of humanity did in the 1800s.  Only a few million images were taken in the 80 years leading up to the first commercial camera. In 1999, Kodak reported that we had taken approximately 80 billion images.
  • The estimate is that we share 730 billion images a year on Facebook, 255 billion on WhatsApp and 22 billion on Instagram. This is without counting Snapchat, iMessage and other apps.
  • Research by Kelsey Blackburn and James Schirillo of Wake Forest University, North Carolina found that our left side is our ‘better’ side to be photographed.
  • The first person who invented negative was Fox Talbot. This event occurred in 1839. In the same year Hippolyte Bayard presented the first positive print to the world.


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