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Anger Can Threaten Your Health and Shorten Your Life

Anger is an emotion that all human beings experience. This is not a pleasant emotion and it can consume you over time, by exploding all at once, blinding your daily life.  As an emotion that people can carry for long periods of time, it can bring stress and exhaustion.

Scientifically, when someone is angry the reasoning part of the brain, pre-frontal cortex, is not being used. An angry human being thinks with the amygdala, which controls the emotion. Emotional outbursts can jeopardize the healthy functionality of your routine: your relationships, career, and health. Anger plays a major role in your health condition. It may bring low self-esteem, as previously mentioned, and it can lead to mental health conditions like depression and anxiety.

A human being that sees himself as powerless, its mind can deteriorate more that condition, by using everyday experiences to reinforce that view. Anger also causes stress hormones like adrenaline to flood the organism. These hormones can increase blood pressure, heart rate, and even cholesterol levels.

Lasting anger within people may also up the odds of developing several health conditions, such as eating disorders like bulimia, type II diabetes, obesity, sleep disorders and various addictions (alcohol, smoking, etc). Angry exploding episodes can trigger situations that will lead to heart attacks and heart diseases.

Help yourself releasing the frustration

Give yourself time to cool down before confronting people and start a conversation with an open mind. Going into a conflict knowing that you may be wrong or have missed the other person’s perspective will allow you to change opinion and solve conflicts much easier. If you use a relaxed way of speaking, the other person will be more responsive.

Don’t listen to answer, but listen to understand. While the other person is speaking, you should carefully listen to them instead of preparing the next line of attack. Using the ‘I’ sentences may help you as well to show other people how you feel instead of making them feel attacked.

Use the rationality and assertively behavior in your favor. Don’t be aggressive or belligerent, like a threatened horse.

Releasing fury is important

Having the feeling that you just need to smash something or scream out loud is as far as the natural needed feelings of breathing, eating or drinking. Focus your fury in busting activities, like kickboxing, running, dancing or swimming. Sports are always one of the best therapies to your mind and body. Exercise releases endorphins that will make you feel good. These forms of exercise will boost your mood and increase your sense of wellbeing.

However, releasing your frustrations, anger and toxic feelings is good through sport exercise, don’t push too much on yourself. Keep the boundaries of a healthy amount of physical exercise.

Releasing negative emotions goes also by crying and there is no shame on that, men and women. No human being is made of iron. No human being is perfect. Crying and feeling are normal events that shouldn’t be avoided but normalized.