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Ancient Egyptians Were The First People To Add Honey And Nuts To Their Bread.


National Sticky Bun Day is observed annually on February 21st.

  • Known as “schnecken” meaning snail, the sticky bun is rolled into a sweet spiral that resembles its German name. Still considered to be a Pennsylvania specialty, it is believed the sticky bun’s origin in the United States began in the 19th century. German settlers brought their baking traditions with them when they began settling in and around Philadelphia.
  • Famous cousins to the sticky bun are the cinnamon roll, caramel roll and monkey bread.
  • A sticky bun should always be made of yeast dough.
  • Ancient Egyptians were the first people to add honey and nuts to their bread.
  • They have also been known to be called Philadelphia Sticky Buns.
  • In the UK they make sticky buns with raisins and call them Chelsea Buns.
  • If you are craving this delicious sticky delight, it might be a good idea to begin your day and end your day with one.
  • In the UK and Canada, sticky buns are known as “chelsea buns” and contain raisins!
  • Cinnamon bun day has been celebrated since 1999, and the bun itself didn’t really become popular until the 1950s.
  • A Nordic cinnamon bun is typically made with a bit of ground cardamom in the dough – this is what differentiates it from other cinnamon buns, such as the over-the-top sticky sweet buns you often see in north America.
  • A real cinnamon bun (a Scandi one) does not have icing on the top. In Norway, a sprinkle of normal granulated sugar – in Sweden those lovely big-ish sugar crystals called Pearl Sugar.
  • It is Scandifically proven that it is impossible to resist a fresh cinnamon bun still warm from the oven.
  • In Venezuela, there is a very similar local version of them called golfeado. The main difference between them is the ground fresh cheese on top that gives the bun a very particular sweet-salty taste.
  • In Sweden, the bun has been around since the 1920s…The modern cinnamon bun (‘kanelbulle’) was created after the First World War. Although Sweden remained neutral during the four-year conflict, heavy restrictions were put on the import of several goods such as sugar, egg and butter as the country prepared for potential combat.
  • It’s an essential part of Swedish ‘fika’. While the French have their wine and the British their tea, in Sweden people stop what they’re doing to have a ‘fika’ at least once a day, often twice. Pronounced fee-ka, this almost sacred tradition designates a moment to savour a cup of coffee and eat something sweet (usually a cinnamon bun), and it is factored into most people’s daily schedules whether they are at home, at work or running errands.


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