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An Overview of Online Gambling In Florida


Online gambling laws in Florida, or its lack thereof, is a grey region. While there are no legal guidelines explicitly preventing online gambling in the state, there is no rulebook to follow either. While this is a cause for political discussions, nothing concrete has emerged yet.

Florida’s ex-Governor Rick Scott repeatedly made his negative views on online gambling quite clear. However, there is no legal route to ban online gambling, following the 2018 amendment preventing legislators from discussing the topic anytime soon. There are a few trustworthy gambling sites in Florida. But they operate out of a grey area in the State’s legislation.

The Gray Area in Florida’s Gambling Laws

While land-based casinos have been legally operating in the state since 2004, there are certain strict restrictions in place. The first being the operators cannot offer sports betting in any form. The definition of “sports” being soccer, basketball, football, baseball, hockey, horse racing, and more.

Greyhound racing was legal in the state for decades, but that was banned in 2019 along with all other forms of dog racing. Since online gambling isn’t prohibited, players can visit out-of-state online casinos for card games and slots. As a result, NJ gambling sites are quite popular in the state.

Dissecting the Online Casino Operations in Florida

The safest bet for players is to find a licensed online casino that allows Floridians to sign up. While a licensed operation confirms the legitimacy of a business, knowing Floridians are allowed to sign up ensures a hassle-free withdrawal process when the time comes.

However, the challenges aren’t limited to finding an online casino that allows players from the Sunshine State. For example, Floridians cannot legally transfer money to these websites directly from their bank account.

Alternatively, players can also look for websites that don’t report these investments as gambling payments. Thus, preventing banks from blocking such transactions. It is a good idea to settle for a casino that allows low minimum deposits and maximum returns. Or preferably a dealer that doesn’t charge for payments. Thus, restricting the need for transferring money from the bank in the first place!

General Casino Policies and Bonuses

Most online casinos offer some form of bonus at the time of registration. The amount is usually 100% of the player’s initial deposit. Thus offering a larger investment pool to start with, increasing a player’s chances of placing a winning bet.

However, read the fine print before assuming the first winnings can be withdrawn directly to the bank. Most casinos have a minimum wagering policy to ensure players keep placing new bets.

US-based online casinos are required to run software licensed in the US. European games aren’t allowed. Online slots and a variety of card games are widely popular in the state. There is no dearth of choices.


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