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An Awesome Sunday Brunch at The American Legion Post 135 in Naples (Video)

Sunday brunch
Bacon and corned beef hash
American Legion Post 135

The American Legion was started in 1919 as a veteran’s organization. Since that time, it has grown to over two million members and almost 13,000 chapters (posts). Primarily a social organization,  The American Legion offers veterans discounts on various goods and services, support services and is very much involved in community philanthropy like the Special Olympics.

I am an avid bicyclist and ride through many areas of Naples. On occasion, I pass by things that deserve a second look. A sidewalk sign advertising American Legion Post 135 (AL135) Sunday brunch was one of them. An all you can Sunday breakfast for nine dollars was certainly intriguing.

Chipped beef (SOS) and sausage gravy for biscuits

I invited a few dining companions one Sunday and they were “all in.” We had no idea what was in store for us that Sunday and we were pleasantly surprised.

The brunch, as are some other meals, are open to the public.  Being a private club, they still allow smoking, though it’s only at the bar in the front half of the post. To those that may wonder, this had no effect on our meal in the main dining space.

There are many items available for their Sunday brunch. All of the servers and cooks are volunteers for this and other events. The best of their Sunday brunch is their made to order eggs. Shane, one of the volunteers, ran the egg station that day and did a marvelous job.

I ordered the everything omelet which included tomatoes, onions, scallions, mushrooms, ham and cheese.  There were a number of other brunch items including French toast, grits, bacon, corned beef hash, sausages and country potatoes. Mixed fruit was also served. Shi! on a shingle (SOS; chipped beef and gravy) and also sausage gravy were available for the biscuits served

Daily lunch menu

Everyone was very friendly, with two couples asking us to join their table when we were about to sit by ourselves. One was a veteran of World War II, the other, The Gulf War. Both couples shared some great stories and experiences with us. The camaraderie that day was priceless.

They also serve lunch daily, with a number of very affordable daily options.

I was told the hamburger was excellent and is only six dollars. One of my dining companions also mentioned they were told that by their hotelier when they were visiting Northern Florida.

Sausages and country potatoes

The Sunday brunch/breakfast at AL135 is wonderful. The food is good and at least that day, the conversation with the post’s members entertaining and enjoyable. I would recommend it highly.

Not only is it a bargain at nine dollars for all you can eat, but the opportunity to share some of the experiences of the legion members is a real treat. You will not find anything like this anywhere else in Naples! During the winter months (“season”) I am told the brunch line stretches out the door, and for good reason.

It’s a wrap for another post on Forks.

American Legion Post 135
2296 Tamiami Tr. E.
Naples, FL 34112

Lunch 11AM – 2PM daily, Sunday brunch 9AM- 12PM; Cash only, ATM on site.

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Peter Horan, Southwest Florida Forks, posted on SouthFloridaReporter.comSept. 5, 2019

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