Already Scalded, Broward Judge Ducks More Hot Water

Judge John Contini

 By Buddy Nevins,, Special to, July 22, 2015 – Broward Circuit Judge John Contini, already in trouble over giving advise to a defense lawyer, has avoided another controversy, several courthouse sources say.

Contini appointed his friend Lee Cohn as his judicial assistant several weeks ago.

One big problem:

Cohn is a disbarred lawyer. See here.

Faith Based Events

Sources say Contini was advised by another judge that it was not proper to have a disbarred lawyer represent a judge despite their friendship.

So instead Contini is hiring former Judge Laura Watson’s judicial assistant. The assistant has been looking for a JA job since Watson was removed from office by the Florida Supreme Court last month for improperly short changing other lawyers and her clients in a case before she was elected in 2012.

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