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All Steve Could Say After Test Driving The BMW 240i – “It’s Addicting”

BMW 240i

  This is a nearly $60,000 car; a small, all-wheel drive purple sports coupe just trying to make its way in an SUV-obsessed world.  But, for those in the know – and you’re about to become one of them – this is the performance bargain of your sports car dreams.  It’s the all-new BMW 2 Series and it’s beyond good…it’s addicting.

What was originally known as the 1 Series Coupe upon its arrival in 2008 became the 2 Series Coupe in 2014. Now for its second act, this 2022 redesign introduces sexy new styling, a dash of additional horsepower, stickier handling, and a modern interior…oh, and this new color Thundernight Metallic…a $550 option that gets all the stares.

This week, I’m skipping over the base 230i model and jumping right into the current top trim; the M240i xDrive.  The former – a 4-cylinder rear-wheel setup – starts at under $40,000 making it the least expensive way to get into a BMW car while the latter- this all-wheel drive turbo-6 – starts at about $10 grand more.

Now, my last spin in one of these came in 2017 in the small but mighty M2, a version expected to be reintroduced next year.  As for this one, it’s quicker, significantly more fuel-efficient and about the same price as that M2 so I can only imagine BMW has grand plans for its resurrection.  Nevertheless, this is likely enough M for most.

Though it’s 3.5” longer about 2.5” wider and a little over 200 pounds heavier than before, this is undoubtedly still a driver’s car with a low-slung body, subcompact dimensions, and a willingness to please as an Ultimate Driving Machine should.  It’s arguably the purest form of BMW ethos in their lineup.

Now, it is a shame you can’t currently get one like this without xDrive and with a stick shift but a rear-drive M240i will follow shortly.  As for the manual, it looks like you’ll have to wait for the M2 for that.  As the 3 Series has matured beyond just a sports sedan the 2 Series has become the driver’s repository for attainable German driving enjoyment.

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By TestDriveNow Car Critic Steve Hammes for SouthFloridaReporter.com,Jan. 11, 2022

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