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All About Dementia Clocks

Are you suffering from dementia? Well, purchase a digital watch. With a digital watch, it will be easy to determine the time, date, and day of the week. This eliminates confusion and makes life better. Technology is making the caregiving industry better. With technology, dementia patients can purchase clocks that will help them manage time. Dementia clocks are unique timepieces that can display letters and numbers on a visible face. The cases of these watches come with visual reminders (i.e. for day, time, as well as date).

Plus, other high-end models are equipped with large calendars and impressive digital-based displays.  When placed in rooms, these clocks tend to see the date—eliminating confusion that is commonly associated with dementia suffers. 

Why Purchase a Dementia Clock

It’s impossible to determine whether a person is suffering from dementia. However, there are several behavioral irregularities that can signify that your loved one needs a watch. They include:

Faith Based Events
  • Constant inquiry of time
  •  Constantly forgets crucial family events
  • Unable to remember the exact day of the week
  • Not able to differentiate between day and night
  • Forgets doctor appointments
  • Forgets family members
  • Unable to remember crucial conversations.

Some of the benefits of dementia clocks include:

No Confusion. No Panic

With a digital watch, you deal with things like memory loss and problem-solving. Remember, dementia is commonly associated with side effects like memory loss, lack of attention, poor judgment, etc. With this decline, a patient loses his/her ability to keep track of things like time, date, month, and even a year. This can cause panic and confusion. And that’s where a dementia memory clock comes in. With dementia clocks, a patient can differentiate time, date, and year. This helps them easily keep track of time.

Increasing Independence

Certain dementia clock models come with advanced features that help people to input audio and video reminders. This makes it easy to remind the patient about the meal and sleep time. Consequently, the patient becomes more independent.


Being independent improves the self-confidence of the side of a dementia sufferer. Consequently, self-esteem is boosted.

Regular Routine

Routine makes life easy for dementia. Breaking the routine can lead to anxiety as well as agitation. However, clocks are perfect at keeping the routine perfect. They make routine activities like bathing, eating, and taking medication easy.

Putting Caregivers at Ease

Caregivers need time. So, a dementia clock puts caregivers at easy. They can relax knowing the patient is independent. Thus, they can use the time to fulfill their social and economic goals.