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Air Force Capt. Edward Ruppelt Coined The Phrase “UFO’s”

If you’re a fan of little green men, you’re going to be stoked for World UFO Day. One of these days we just know that we’re going to finally meet our neighbors in the universe, and that day will be phenomenal beyond imagining.

  • World UFO Day was organized by WorldUFODay.com in 2001, and was put together to bring together enthusiasts of UFO’s and the evidence they’ve all gathered to support their existence.
  • Celebrating UFO Day happens in a lot of different ways, and the number of ways is as varied as the potential number of intelligent species in the known universe.
  • A photo of a purported UFO over Passaic, New Jersey in 1952 (Image; Wikipedia)

    UFO Enthusiasts gather around the world in known UFO hotspots like Rozwell New Mexico to share stories, provide support for other believers, and watch for the return of visitors in the night sky.

  • UFO’s are a constant subject of conspiracy theories around the world. In 1950, US Air Force Capt Edward J. Ruppelt, first coined the term UFO to replace the prevailing terms used for unidentified objects in the skies at that time. Ruppelt was named director of Project Blue Book
  • Interactive map of UFO sightings taken seriously by the US Gov’t.

    Interactive UFO Map: Mysterious lights. Sinister saucers. Alien abductions. Between 1947 and 1969, at the height of the Cold War, more than 12,000 UFO sightings were reported to Project Blue Book, a small, top-secret Air Force team. Their mission? To scientifically investigate the incidents and determine whether any posed a national security threat.

  • Here are some of their most fascinating cases, along with other seminal UFO sightings.
    • Kenneth Arnold, 1947: The UFO origination can be traced back to a civilian pilot Kenneth Arnold. On 24 June, 1947, when he was flying his aircraft near Washington’s Mount Rainier, he saw nine blue, glowing objects flying fast with an estimated speed of 1,700 miles per hour in a V formation.
    • Roswell, 1947: One of the biggest unsolved mysteries around UFO’s is Roswell, 1947. William Brazel in 1947 discovered mysterious debris in one of his pastures in New Mexico. When he reported it, the military was called to retrieve the materials, but officials claimed it was only a downed weather balloon.
    • Rendlesham Forest, 1980: US Air Force officials in 1980 stationed in Woodbridge and Bentwaters reported seeing strange colorful lights above the Rendlesham Forest about 160 kilometers away from London. A man claimed he saw a sort of spacecraft. The next day people confirmed damage caused to trees and a high level of radiation at the site. The Ministry of UK claimed to have not found any credible threat to the nation and so, did not pursue the investigations.
    • Even in India in 2007, in Kolkata, a face moving object was identified between 3:30 am and 6:30 am and was filmed on a camera. The shape of the object changed from a sphere to a triangle and further change in to a straight line.
  • List of reported UFO sightings from Wikipedia. This list starts in the 2nd Millenium and tracks sightings through 2014.


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