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About Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Dennis Gonzalez Jr


If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s critical to hire an assertive, competent attorney who will swiftly defend your rights and construct a powerful defense strategy to achieve the most favorable outcome. Dennis Gonzalez Jr., a Miami Criminal Defense Attorney, brings decades of experience in providing compassionate, yet assertive, criminal defense to individuals charged with state and federal crimes in Miami, Florida courts.

Dennis Gonzalez Jr.Renowned for his exceptional trial skills, Dennis Gonzalez Jr. has earned immense respect from judges, prosecutors, and peers. This respect, coupled with his robust work ethic and meticulous preparation at every stage, enables him to secure the most beneficial results for his clients, whether through trial or plea negotiations.

Focused on three key areas:

​Comprehensive Criminal Defense – Dennis Gonzalez Jr. defends clients charged with drug crimes, theft crimes, assault, violent crimes, white-collar crimes, sex crimes, DUI, and more, in both state and federal courts.

​Professional License Defense – Dennis Gonzalez Jr. fights for the rights of professionals, including but not limited to University and/or College Professors, nurses, and lawyers, who are facing disciplinary or license revocation hearings. He ensures that your rights are protected and that the rules are properly adhered to.

​​College Student Defense – Dennis Gonzalez Jr. has extensive experience defending college students accused of various offenses. He fights tirelessly to protect their future and secure a second chance.

​Florida & Federal Crime Defense

Dennis Gonzalez Jr. has a remarkable track record handling a diverse range of criminal defense cases. Whether you’re facing a minor misdemeanor or a serious felony, his expertise will equip you with the most robust defense. He routinely handles cases such as:

  • ​DUI offenses
  • Drug crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • White collar crimes
  • Theft crimes
  • Assault and violent crimes
  • Representation of professionals
  • Defense of college students

His unique expertise makes him particularly adept at representing professionals facing disciplinary proceedings and college students confronting charges.

​The Importance of Hiring a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, defendants who hire their own lawyers are less likely to be incarcerated. Dennis Gonzalez Jr.’s deep understanding of the complex criminal justice system enables him to build successful defenses for diverse offenses, from DUIs to white-collar crimes and violent crimes.

​Defending the good people, when bad things happen to them.

In Florida, many innocent residents face wrongful accusations due to strict crackdowns on drug crimes, financial crimes, and other offenses. Facing criminal charges can have life-changing consequences, including job loss, professional license issues, stress, and embarrassment for you and your family.

Aggressive Criminal Defense ​with a Proven Success Record

Dennis Gonzalez Jr. leads a results-oriented firm, focusing on providing specialized attention to each client. He’s an experienced, aggressive Miami criminal defense attorney, reputed for dedication to each case.

His objective is to resolve your criminal case efficiently and promptly, allowing you to put the ordeal behind you and move forward with your life. Your defense team will take all the necessary time to ensure that you are well-informed and involved in the process.

​Experienced and Effective Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

The Gonzalez team recognizes the stress and uncertainty you’re facing. They strive to make you comfortable, ensuring you understand the process and what to expect. If your loved one is incarcerated, the team will make time to see them in person to ensure they are well informed of the progress of their case.

The office offers a free initial consultation, at (305) 209-0384. Se habla español.