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8 Scientifically Proven Benefits Of Cupping Therapy


Cupping therapy is a kind of “ancient” alternative treatment. It began as a therapy based on superstition. It’s an aspect of a pre-scientific culture. Back then, they didn’t have any clue regarding the physiological mechanisms of diseases and health.

Cupping therapy is a type of bloodletting. There are different ways to perform this, which we will be discussing further on. The process involves placing a cup against a person’s skin. Then, a partial vacuum is generated in the cup. They do this, so the blood gets sucked into the skin. The traditional way of creating the vacuum is by heating the air inside the cup by burning incense on top of it.

Nowadays the most common way of cupping is called “wet cupping.” In this treatment, the therapist would slice the skin so the blood will start to flow. This is done for different purposes. These include the removal of stagnant blood, driving out heat, and for the treatment of different afflictions. Such afflictions are a pain, high fever, convulsion, and even losing consciousness. At least that’s what modern practitioners say. In the past, cupping was done to cleanse the blood and the energy found in the blood (chi). Back then, cupping was merely a form of Chinese bloodletting.

In Arabic, wet cupping is known as “hijama,” and it’s still being performed today. Just like any other ancient alternative treatments, the practitioners employ similar methods. They modify the ancient methods, making the treatment more acceptable to modern patients.

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