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7 Ways To Get Your Non-Profit Noticed By The Media


Getting your non-profit noticed by the local media is not as difficult as you think, provided you are equipped with the right resources. At the same time, a lack of extensive research can lead to your non-profit not getting noticed at all.

If you are confident about your vision it is all well and good. But not good enough. We are going to provide you ways by which you can possibly get your nonprofit noticed by local media.

  1. Educate Yourself About Your Non-Profit’s Vision

One crucial mistake which many non-profits make is not having enough knowledge about their vision. I am not talking about having a basic or elementary idea. Non-profits need to learn every aspect of their vision. A few examples include knowledge of the areas where there is a great need for their services, factors contributing to the need and measures which can be taken to reduce the need.

  1. Draw Up A Detailed Action Plan

The action plan should be practical and centered on the organization’s vision. It should cover major areas like,

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  • Finance – Your non-profit should have a feasible funding plan. This can involve government contracts, individual donors or backup funding from other organizations.
  • Audience – Locate your target audience. List out the different ways you can use to reach out to them and offer their services. Find out about local news outlets in such areas.
  • Contacts – You must have sufficient contacts to start a non-profit. These contacts can be with marketing executives who can come up with a marketing strategy for your non-profit. They can also be experts in the particular field of your nonprofit’s vision.
  1. Know Your Local media And Their Key Representatives

You cannot get your non-profit noticed by local media if you don’t know anything about them. Do plenty of research and learn how the local media operates and functions. Educate yourself about the local media outlets, their contacts, newspapers and magazines. Learn about their different areas of specialization and research about the particular area which is connected to your non-profit.

Get in contact with key representatives of the area which is connected to your non-profit. You can send them an email pitching your idea or leave them a message on their online platforms. Make sure you do thorough research so you can get a better idea of how to approach them.

  1. Interact With Your Donors And Encourage Them To Spread The Word

You must make proper efforts to interact with your donors and make them feel as involved as possible. Encourage them to give their feedback and make necessary changes accordingly.

You will be surprised at how useful your donors can be at getting your non-profit noticed by the media. You can encourage your donors to do various tasks like writing an article for the local magazine or pitching the idea at local media events. It can also be advantageous if your donor has connections to the media.

  1. Attend All Relevant Events Including Hosting Your Own

Try to attend all the local media events even if they are not directly connected to your specific field of interest. This can be useful for meeting editors and journalists including establishing vital contacts. It can also improve your chances of them remembering you and they might even offer to cover your story.

If you have the funds, hosting your own event can prove to be very useful. Research about your local press and draft a list of people including journalists and publicists who would be interested in your event.

  1. Maintain A Solid Social Media Platform

In this digital-savvy age, nothing goes unnoticed on social media. If you don’t maintain a social media platform, it would immensely decrease your chances of getting noticed by anyone. Try to post regular updates about your non-profit including upcoming events.

Follow all the local media platforms online including journalists and reporters. This might spark an interest in them and they might possibly check out your page.

  1. Be Ready To Work For Long Hours

Establishing a successful non-profit is no easy task and you must be prepared to invest long hours. Keep track of your emails and contacts regularly and get back to anyone who has shown an interest in your non-profit.

If any journalist or reporter wants to meet or talk to you at an unforeseen time, do not turn it down. Journalists work in a fast-paced environment and can easily get another story in no time.

Don’t think the local media is too busy or your non-profit is not worth their time. Remember it is their job to cover and feature new and interesting stories.