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7 Ways to Generate More Reviews for Your Business


One of the most commonly used white hat services involves search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is an umbrella term for the best-practice methods involved in boosting a company’s standing in the most popular search engines.

Considering that digital marketing is such a crucial part of achieving success as a company owner, much of it has to do with generating as many reviews as possible — preferably with review generation services. Here are seven proven ways to generate more reviews for a company!

After all, a startup business not only has to deal with similarly sized companies looking to make their mark, but they also have to deal with much larger companies that could potentially overshadow their startup. With so many things to worry about, it is no wonder why some businesses end up outsourcing their most crucial processes to specialized companies such as review generation services.

The reason why outsourcing is so important for budding businesses is the fact that it allows a company to make up for lack of experience through white hat services. Not every new company has the necessary budget, which is why there are various specialists that work with other businesses to fill up the void in their day-to-day processes.

The subtle impact of a review widget

While there will always be company reviews from those willing to provide feedback, it would be a good idea to encourage others to write reviews by installing a review widget on the primary website. It allows companies to keep track of reviews and post them on the site, which in turn encourages others to write their own reviews. The company can also show their response to the feedback, providing another layer of communication with potential supporters.

Always answer negative reviews

While negative reviews tend to be seen as more of a nuisance than anything else, it also provides the opportunity to showcase the company as a trustworthy resource. For example, leaving a negative review alone shows that the company is not willing to work with potential customers to provide a solution. On the other hand, if online users see examples of a company working with negative reviewers to fix their issue, it shows the business in a more trustworthy light.

Stay active in social media with review generation services

Social media marketing involves making use of various social media channels to help spread the word about a company’s products and services. While there are plenty of advantages with social media marketing, many online users can appreciate a company that takes the time to communicate with various supporters. They also appreciate businesses that provide as much information as possible regarding events through social media. The more a company interacts with others on social media, the more likely online users are to write down reviews.

Encourage even negative reviews!

It might seem like a strange notion to encourage negative reviews, but it can be surprising just how useful negative feedback can be — which is why it is never a bad idea to encourage reviews positive or negative. The idea is to use the most constructive feedback as a roadmap to ensure the success of a company’s digital marketing strategy. While most reviews might not have anything too useful to share, there can be quite a few that a company owner can take to heart. The use of review generation services can make things even easier, as various SEO tactics can be used to help improve the chances of an online store.

Sending bloggers/vloggers free products for review

Aside from encouraging the Internet masses to write reviews for the company’s products, another legitimate tactic would be to send free products to well-known bloggers/vloggers or other social media influencers. It might not seem like a big deal, but the subscriber base of some of the most popular social media personalities can reach dozens of millions in the subscriber count.

Go old-school — offer discounts!

One of the most common methods of getting others to leave a review would be to provide a discount for the next purchase. It can be especially useful for online stores that offer products meant to be purchased repeatedly. It can be surprising how many reviews can be generated with the prospect of a discount upon the next purchase.

Many specialized services offer inexpensive review generation services

Last but certainly not least, many of the solutions above are easier to utilize with the help of specialized services. If the business owner is lucky, they can make use of white label services, as it can be rebranded to the company’s name. The result is a young company that seems all the more trustworthy as they provide services from companies that have years of experience under their belt.

It might not seem like such a big deal to neglect online reviews during a digital marketing campaign, but Google’s search algorithm can make use of all manner of business reviews to help a company get ahead. By generating more reviews, a company can help drive the conversation, ensuring that online users are aware of their services. There is no better time to start generating feedback with review generation services than now!