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7 Reasons Why South Florida’s A Hot Spot for Pests 

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South Florida features some of the most challenging pests and rodents for homeowners and business owners. Bed bugs, termites, fleas, cockroaches, raccoons, and even iguanas are just a few of the pests that make their homes in the Sunshine State.

How do you tackle them and keep yourself safe?

Here are seven reasons that pest control is important to keep your home and business safe. 

High Humidity 

Pests such as mosquitoes and bed bugs enjoy the humidity of South Florida because it keeps them moist. Water is one of the most vital elements, not only to humans, but to rodents and pests.

Warm Temperatures 

Termites and bed bugs love warm temperatures. Many of the common pests in Florida thrive in these conditions, increasing the population unless pest control adequately minimizes their presence. 

Lots of Lush Vegetation

Florida’s lush vegetation feeds and homes many types of pests. The beautiful landscaping, planned or unplanned, can invite pests to live on your property. 

Tropical Mild Climate 

As mentioned, Florida’s weather is a huge draw for many pests. The mild weather all year long provides ideal conditions for pests to thrive. 

Lakes, Rivers, and Ponds 

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Mosquitoes lay eggs in places where water collects. Lakes and ponds are common habitat in which you’ll find many different types of pests. Although some may be harmless or just annoying, others can carry pathogens that transmit disease. If you have stagnant water on your property, it can be a breeding ground for many unwanted pests. 

Fruit Production 

Pests look for places to find food and shelter. Even though most orchards have an effective pest control solution, according to NPR, abandoned orchards are a breeding ground for pests. Even if you don’t have an orchard in your back yard, you may still feel the effects of an orchard down the road that is home to rodents and pests.

Weather Phenomena 

In many parts of the country, a hard freeze kills many of the summer pests. The climate in South Florida won’t eradicate pests, leaving homeowners to deal with them all year long.  According to the CDC, the mosquito population may increase after a hurricane due to standing floodwaters. Homeowners might want to check out mosquito treatments to prevent bites from these nuisance pests.

Professional Pest Control

You should always feel safe at home. Trained inspectors and professional installation with quality materials work together to make your home comfortable, even though the climate and environment may work against you.

Research “pest control near me” the second you see a possible infestation coming your way.