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7 Foods You Need for a Healthier You


When you want to follow a healthier diet, there’s a chance that you’ll hear about all types of foods you should start adding to your diet. People will tell you about how a certain fruit or vegetable has helped them shed the pounds and others will tell them that their doctor recommends a certain type of meat or gain.

Experts routinely investigate different types of ingredients to see if they’re still good for us. Something that was considered bad for us in the 70’s has become a must-have in the kitchen now. Then there are the ingredients that are good for you put tend to be ridiculed—or those eating them are ridiculed because of the costs.

It’s time to look at foods that aren’t just good for you but will also keep your bank balance in check. After all, with a healthy bank balance, you’ll experience less stress. So here are the seven foods you need to stock up on for a healthier you.

Get Stocks of Broth from the Store (or Make Your Own)

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Whether it’s beef, chicken or even vegetable, you want to stock up on the broth in your kitchen cupboards. You can even make your own from the bones of the meat you cook, which will help to keep the costs down even more in your shopping budget.

The major benefit of stock is that it lasts for weeks when open. When sealed, it will last for months. You can bulk buy while it’s on offer and benefit hugely from it.

Then there’s the benefit that it’s so inexpensive. Even the low sodium options are affordable for all, meaning that you get to look after your physical and your financial health. You can easily get the cheap options in the store, and they taste as good as the branded types.

The broth is also extremely easy to use. It’s perfect for soups, stews, casseroles, and more. You can even make it as a warm drink in the middle of the winter if you need. In fact, you can pick up grains or jarred broth that you add hot water to if you do want to make a drink to keep you feeling better throughout the winter months.

Chicken and beef broth tend to be the best for protein benefits. You can get as much as 5g of protein in a serving of broth. If you get vegetable, you can lose out on the protein, but there is fiber. You’ll only consume around 38 calories in a serving of broth too, making it the perfect diet option.

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