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7 Factors to Consider When Buying a Money Counting Machine


If you have a business where you take in a lot of cash, you know the importance of counting your money at the end of the day. Finding a fast and accurate counter can help you manage your business.

There are seven major factors to take into consideration when you look for the ideal counting machine.

Will it Detect Counterfeit bills?

Counterfeit bills can be hard to spot, and if you are handling a lot of cash at a fast pace, you may have a hard time checking each bill properly. Not only can a counting machine sort your money into denominations, count the number of bills, and work as a calculator, it can also determine if a bill is not real.

Can it count mixed denominations?

The very best machines can detect the denomination of a bill. They do this by sensing the colors used on the bill and the texture of the print. This is important because it helps you put the proper bills into the proper slots in your cash register.

Every time one of your employees gives someone a 10-dollar bill instead of a five, you lose revenue. If you short-change customers because a 5 ended up where a 10 should be, that customer may think it was intentional and are likely to tell their friends.

How much does it cost?

If you sell T-shirts at a little beach stand every Saturday, you are unlikely to need the same caliber of money counter as you would if you run a busy retail store in a trendy part of town.

If you are a very small business that only operates at festivals, you probably need a very simple machine. Some machines can simply count the number of bills and the denomination of those bills. You should be able to find such a machine for under $300.

What is the capacity of the hopper?

When you use a money machine, you will put the bills into a pocket called a hopper. The larger the hopper, the more money you can sort at once. The amount of cash business you do and the amount of time you do it will factor into the size of hopper you need.

How easy is it to use?

According to AccuBANKER, some of the most expensive money counters are some of the easiest to use. You should never have to do more than a few simple steps to count your money. If you buy your machine online, the ease of use is more important because you will not have a salesperson there to show you how to use it.


Whenever you buy any product for your business, it is always important to read the reviews. It can be hard to know which ones are real, but you should always trust the reviewers that offer the most details and specific reasons for their opinion.

Customer Service

The most important element to choosing an object or service is the level of customer service you can expect after you buy it. For example, a money counter can be a major purchase for a small business. Be sure to ask your salesperson about the level of customer service you will get when you buy their product.

Time is money, and with the proper counter, you will be able to watch your profits grow and your business flourish.


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