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62% of Prom Goers Will Keep Memorabilia

March 31st is recognized as National Prom Day. It is a day to honor friendship, cherish memories, celebrate history, and enjoy the fun and excitement this milestone event brings.

National Prom Day proudly supports Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), an organization that shares common values and a long-standing champion in educating young people.  While SADD’s core focus remains on traffic safety, it has expanded its mission to include substance abuse, suicide, depression, bullying, violence, body image and more.

  • Prom is short for Promenade
  • 62% of Prom Goers Will Keep Memorabilia
  • A corsage was originally referred to the bodice of a dress.  Women would often wear a small floral bouquet around their corsage, this later gave the flower gathering around one’s wrist its name, corsage. This didn’t become popular until the 20th century, first at weddings and later at dances.
  • $1,078 is the average starting amount for prom.  Chaaaa Ching, that’s right. Talk about a pretty penny spent. Between your prom dress, the shoes, the clutch, the hair, makeup, the tickets, the limo and the dinner, you tend to dish out more than most would ever guess.
  • The average promposal cost is $325.
  • A girl will try on 10 dresses before she finds the right one.
  • Parents average 400 miles for prom endeavors.  If you think about the trips to the prom dress store(s), going with your date to get his tux, alterations for your dress, hair done, nails done, everything done The miles start adding up. And they would do it all again, just for you to have your special night.
  • The prom industry earns approximately $4 billion each year.
  • The first recorded prom in history took place with the male students at Amherst College inviting the female students from Smith College to dine and dance back in 1894.
  • JFK Crashed A California Prom. In 1963, President Kennedy scheduled a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser in the largest room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. There was just one problem — the students of John Burroughs High School had already booked the same room two years prior.  JFK ended up allowing the kids to take the larger room and settled for a slightly smaller one for his dinner. He even stopped by to say hello to the teens along with comedian Jack Benny, who had also been at the fundraiser.
  • Jon Bon Jovi married his prom date. He shared a history class with a beautiful girl named Dorothea Hurley, who eventually became his girlfriend. It was evident that they would go to the Promenade together, but who would have thought that they would remain a couple to this day?


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