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6 Tips for Hiring a Licensed Contractor for Home Repairs


Home repairs and renovations are a constant concern for every homeowner. You never know when a pipe bursts or a wall comes down. In such a situation, you need an efficient contractor who reaches your residence on time and fixes the problem as soon as possible.

Therefore, the decision to choose a contractor has to be made carefully. If you pick an incorrect professional, matters get tough for you. So research is a necessary element of finding a licensed contractor.

Find a contractor who fits your criteria. Here are a few tips on what things your contractor should have. When you find someone similar, your life and maintenance work will become smooth.

Ask for a Warranty on Repairs

A warranty protects you under all circumstances. The same goes for repairs. Things may go well till the last day of work, but a week later, an unexpected issue emerges out of nowhere. In such a situation, if you have a warranty, you can call your contractor without paying extra.

Your contractor might charge extra for his visit if you don’t have a warranty. So, ask contractors about warranties. Get to know what type of warranty they offer and the services being provided in the package.

Just like reading a home warranty guide for first-time home buyers is essential, asking for a warranty on certain repairs is mandatory. These are some basics that a homeowner shouldn’t avoid at any cost. It will save you thousands in an instant.

Verify Insurance and Licensing

Before finalizing your home contractor, check their license and insurance. A licensed contractor should be your priority because it protects you from paying extra. For example, insurance will cover all the damages if someone or something gets harmed during the repair process.

In addition to protection, licensed contractors are safe to choose from. These experts are trained to do their job and follow the necessary protocols. Whereas, if an unlicensed person takes on the repairing responsibility, they might make matters worse.

So license and insurance are the first items to check and verify both these aspects before signing any contract. Choosing an unlicensed professional makes a homeowner’s life miserable.

An unlicensed contractor might even attract you with a lower quotation but don’t fall for their trap. Instead of saving money, you might end up spending double.

Read Reviews

While selecting a home contractor for repairs, keep in mind to check their reviews. These days everyone has a website with a review section. From clothing stores to cleaning companies, everyone asks their clients to leave reviews on their pages.

It’s a great way to promote your company and help clients decide. So, before deciding on a contractor, read what their reviews say about them. Do people like the services, or are they dissatisfied? If a contractor has more negative reviews, consider another option. You can find a person’s weaknesses and strengths by skimming through customer reviews.

Get Everything in Writing

Home repairs can be tricky, especially when it comes to minor details. Your contractor might promise you one thing and deliver something different. So, having everything in writing is an absolute must.

Discuss each point with your contractor and ask them to write it down. From the process to the material and payment process, have everything written down on a document and get it signed by both parties. That way, neither side makes any false claims in the future.

A written agreement will also come in handy for homeowners because they can sue contractors if anything is not as promised. Some individuals believe contracts are unnecessary, but these documents can save your life.

Settle Payment Terms

One of the most important things to do is to settle the payment terms at the start. Negotiate these terms with your contractor before starting any task. Home repair work is expensive. If you don’t negotiate at the right time, your contractor might not cater to your requests later.

Thus, have a chat with your contractor and mention the price you are comfortable paying. You should even discuss the payment method. People can opt for an installment plan if they can’t pay all the amount in one go.

Choosing a plan according to your comfort zone is always more beneficial.

Check References

Once you have noted the list of available contractors in your area, it’s time to check their references. Every contractor has a list of clients. You could contact these people and confirm your contractor’s services.

People will tell you about the quality of work, which helps you decide if the contractor is worth hiring. One should never hire a contractor without checking references. The checking process also confirms whether a set of references are real or fake.

If someone mentions fake references, you could immediately cut them off your list. The process will seem a little intimidating but is necessary.



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