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6 Things Judges Look For While Reviewing Business Award Entries

It can be quite nerve wracking to wait for the judges to decide the recipients of business awards in competitions. If it is your plan to enter your business for one of these awards, you might be wondering just what is involved in the decision. Did you do everything right? Did you forget anything? Did you say or do too much?

Predicting what goes on in a judge’s mind can be quite a challenge. Knowing what the judges want to see can help you put your business on more solid footing in the marketing world. At the same time, it can be a major motivator for your employees as well. We’ve put together six things judges usually look for when analyzing business award entries to help you go forward.

  1. You Are Applying For A Job

Don’t think of your entry as part of a competition. While you are competing against other businesses in your category, you should view it as if you were applying for a new job or applying for a business loan rather than a competition. When you approach it with that frame of mind, you will be more focused on the time and effort you put into it. Think of your entry as your CV, make sure the grammar and spelling are on point. The better it looks on paper the better your chances of the judges viewing it in your favor.

  1. Be Selective

Think carefully about which awards programs you choose to enter. There are more than enough to choose from so make sure you enter only those you have a realistic chance of gaining serious consideration. Look for those that will showcase your strengths so you can boost your chances of winning. You will need to be honest and realistic about your expectations.

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  1. Simple Is Best

When writing your entry, avoid trying to use extensive phrases of technical jargon. It can be a turn off for the judges who have to sift through hundreds of submissions. The simpler your presentation is the better. Your focus should not be on impressing the judges with highly intellectual phrases but to get your point across in a straightforward form that is easily understood.

  1. Remember Your Goal

Keep your goal foremost in mind. You want to show the judges that your business is the best in your chosen category. You’re not trying to compete against all the businesses in the world but only against those that have entered the competition. Be confident but not so much that you have to go to great lengths to prove your point. Be realistic about your competition and allow your business to shine where it matters.

  1. Keep It Relevant

You may think of a thousand little details you can include in your entry but if it is not relevant to the competition, leave it out. While that information may be important to your business, excess verbiage in your content could turn off the judges, especially if it is not applicable to the category of the award. Make sure your information is factual and relevant before including it in your submission.

  1. Use Concrete Evidence

You want your entry to impress the judges so you need to use supporting evidence to prove any claims you make about your business. If you are promising the best service, higher quality, or better value, you need to have verifiable proof to support it. It is not enough to say you’re the best at anything. You need to not only have evidence of your business success but also some proof of competitor analysis and sales as well.

Being smart about business awards is key to your success. Don’t assume that the judges will be experts in your field or specific niche, so you don’t want to get caught up in impressing them with your extensive knowledge. The most successful business entries are those that get straight to the point and focus on the facts.

By following these tips listed above you can increase your chances of winning the coveted award and pushing your business in the forefront of your industry.