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6 Things Commercial Businesses Should Maintain in Florida During the Hurricane Off-Season

Hurricane preparation and repair is an unfortunate fact of life for commercial businesses in Florida. Some years we get off lightly; others can be cataclysmic. What’s important is that our buildings are always prepared for the worst to happen.

Our guide describes significant areas you should maintain during the hurricane off-season.

1. Gas Systems

When extreme weather events compromise gas systems, repairs are costly, and the damage can be enormous. Gas leaks can lead to fires. Fires can engulf premises and cause significant damage to neighborhoods, even causing loss of life without proper evacuation.

Solutions like PDC machines process gas compressors are vital for keeping your premises leak-free and protecting them when a hurricane hits.

Maintaining and upgrading your gas infrastructure is so important before the storm comes: you’re not just saving your property; you’re potentially saving lives.

2. Windows

There’s no way to fully hurricane-proof windows: we’re talking about a weather system that can lift a car into a storefront. However, ensuring that your business’s windows are as strong as possible and free from leaks is essential preparation during the off-season.

Hurricane-resistant windows seem like a costly investment but can save you far greater expenses in the long term. If old, weak windows are blown out in a storm, your business’s interior could suffer enormous damage.

Upgrade now and give yourself the best chance of keeping your premises safe and dry.

3. Building Infrastructure

Does your business have a basement? Time to check that it’s watertight and free from drafts. Aging brickwork is a concern – a small collapse can quickly grow into a significant issue.

Your building’s water supply should be easy to completely turn off if necessary, and the pipes should be maintained each year by a professional. Doors should be checked for leaks and vulnerabilities, such as rusty hinges.

4. Air Conditioning

Hurricanes carry a lot of debris with them. That includes enormous clouds of dust that can clog your HVAC system. The off-season is the perfect time to have any dust cleared out from the last season so that your AC isn’t filling your business with potentially harmful particles.

Ensuring that your AC unit experiences minimal exposure to conditions outside during hurricane season is essential.

5. Roofing Repairs

Your roof is the first line of defense against a hurricane. Unfortunately, that means it’s going to suffer the worst damage. Detached shingles are widespread. Strong winds can pull up underlayment and put your entire roof at risk while also causing leaks.

Old roofs take heavier damage, so if you’ve been thinking about installing a new roof, now is the time. Metal roofs can hold up in hurricane conditions very well and last much longer, although they can be more costly than asphalt shingles.

6. Flood Defenses

Sealing every possible part of your commercial premises is the best way to stop floodwater from getting in. Watertight flood walls are a good measure, and ensuring that your HVAC system is above flood levels prevents water from leaking in through ducts.

You should also check your flood insurance. What are you covered for? What does the plan require you to do to claim? Make sure you’re not invalidating your policy through poor preparation.

It would be nice to enjoy peace in the off-season. However, owning a business in Florida means that when you’re not expecting the hurricane, you’re cleaning up after it, and when you’re not cleaning up after it, you’re getting ready for the next one.

Who would live anywhere else? Stay safe, and use this off-season to keep your business protected.