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6 Steps to Getting a Divorce in Florida


Ending a marriage through divorce is difficult and stressful. However, Florida law has a certain legal process followed when a marriage dissolves to safeguard both parties’ rights and interests. It’s crucial to comprehend the processes and legal requirements if you are considering or preparing for a divorce in Florida.

This article provides an overall understanding of the procedures needed, so let’s get started.

File a Petition

To start the divorce process in Florida, you must first initiate the petition filing. In divorce, the person initiating the proceedings is the petitioner. The petition is submitted to the circuit court and should indicate that the marriage is irreparably damaged. The filing happens in the county where the couple last resided or where the petitioner resides.

Answer the Petition

After the initial petition is submitted, the respondent must draft and submit an answer to the petition for the dissolution of marriage. When the papers get served, the respondent has 20 days to reply. The answer, which usually consists of a counter-petition and may include other points that need to be made in court, states the other spouse’s agreement or denial of the petition claims. Within twenty days, the petitioner must submit a response if the respondent’s answer contains a counter-petition.

Faith Based Events

Negotiate the Divorce Terms

According to Verywell Health, engaging in premarital counseling has been established to enhance the durability of marriages, leading to a 30% increase in the likelihood that couples will remain together. But in the divorce context, couples in Florida who have received premarital counseling may enjoy several benefits throughout their divorce proceedings, which can facilitate a more harmonious and amicable separation.

Premarital counseling provides couples with effective communication techniques that facilitate them in articulating their desires, issues, and preferences more courteously. An open and efficient communication channel aids in fruitful negotiations, allowing each side to grasp the other’s point of view and collaborate to identify mutually acceptable resolutions.

Come Up with a Parenting Plan

Determining the parental arrangement is important in a divorce involving minors. The proposal encompasses various aspects related to the child or children, such as the participation of both parents in their upbringing, a timetable for allocating time with them, and protocols for communicating with them. However, according to Forbes, the custodial parent gets to spend 277 days with their children throughout the year. Remember, creating a schedule for parenting and deciding on the timeshare is crucial in calculating child support payments.

Develop Emotional Resilience and Adaptation

Statistics by Zippia show that, In the U.S., the average staff turnover rate is around 18%. Employees who lose their jobs frequently experience various emotions, including uncertainty, loss, and the need to adapt to new habits and environments. Similarly, people going through a divorce in Florida experience a wide range of feelings, such as despair, rage, and dread about the future. Recognizing the resiliency acquired during professional transformation can assist divorcees in finding their emotional reserves, enlisting the aid of loved ones, and adjusting to the changes that lie ahead.

Finalize the Divorce

The final phase in a divorce is when the judge signs the dissolution order. After all, the terms of the dissolution of marriage have been discussed, negotiated, and agreed upon by both parties. In Florida, it is customary for the attorney of the party who filed the divorce petition to draft the judgment for both parties to sign if negotiations result in a divorce without a trial.

Getting divorced is difficult but presents an opportunity for personal growth and fresh starts. Couples must remember that divorce does not determine their worth or prospects for happiness while negotiating the complexities of the legal process. It could be the first step toward personal development and outstanding life.