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6 Home Maintenance Issues Every Florida Homeowner Should Be Aware Of


If you’re a Florida homeowner, your home maintenance tasks will be affected by Florida’s climate. Florida’s heat can be expected to require its residents to go to extra lengths for cooling solutions. However, heat is not the only home maintenance challenge for Floridians. Here is a review of some of the most concerning Florida home maintenance issues.

1. Heating and Cooling Issues

According to Buehler Air, the temperatures in Florida can be in the 70s, even during the winter months. Therefore, Florida homes will need an air conditioner for most of the year. The same website estimates that Florida homes will use their air conditioner for 2000 to 3000 hours yearly. As for the brief periods when heat is needed, a heat pump may be adequate.

2. Roofing Material Issues

Florida’s heat and humidity will influence more than your HVAC usage. According to All Points Tile, the surface temperature of Florida roofs can rise to 200 degrees and then rapidly cool down to room temperature from a sudden rainstorm. You might consider changing to asphalt roof shingles, which, according to Bob Vila, are the most commonly purchased type. The same website reveals asphalt is chosen for over 3/4 of new homes because they are affordable and typically includes a warranty for up to 25 years.

3. Exterior Painting Issues

If you live in a Florida coastal region, the exterior of your home will be subject to salty sea breezes, and the humidity in all Florida regions presents a challenge when choosing exterior paint. According to Clean Lines Paint, most exterior paint must be applied to a dry surface, so Florida’s humidity makes paint application problematic and limits its duration. These issues make it imperative for Floridians to keep their exterior power-washed and to use “breathable” exterior paint. A home goods store can help you choose the right type of paint.

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4. Septic System Issues

According to Martin Septic, septic systems for Florida homes are typically designed to take Florida’s extra volume of rainwater into account. Another essential consideration for Florida’s homes is to consult a landscaper before planting trees, as the roots of your trees may break through your septic system. To be sure your septic system is running efficiently, you should be sure to have your septic system inspected at least every three years. After all, an inspection by a septic service professional is recommended, at least that often, by the EPA.

5. Foundational Issues

Florida residents also have climate-related concerns when it comes to their foundation. When you purchase a home, it will be essential for you to know what type of soil your home stands in. Some soil types, including limestone, can cause unstable conditions, resulting in foundation cracks. These cracks should be repaired as soon as possible so they don’t worsen and cause structural failure.
According to HomeAdvisor, homeowners could pay more than $4,600 to repair their foundations, so detecting a foundational issue early could save you money.

6. Pest Control Issues

Florida’s warm climate is an open invitation for pests ranging from ants to termites, so Florida residents often turn to pest control companies to protect their homes. According to Florida Pest, your best defense against pest infestation is basic cleanliness practices and sealing and safe disposal of household trash. Check your ventilation ducts to be sure they haven’t collected excess moisture that could become a breeding ground for pests.

Just as it would be in any state, consistent maintenance is an excellent response to the threats made to your home by Florida’s climate. Other measures, such as checking the house for water leaks, will prevent water loss. Examine the fit of your windows in their frames to prevent energy loss. If you do your part in caring for your Florida home and ask for help when needed, you’ll be well-prepared for the issues that challenge Florida home maintenance.