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6 Healthy Food Prep Methods You Need To Know – Infographic

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One of the keys to eating right involves planning, which is where a food prep routine comes in. There are all kinds of gadgets and shortcuts that make meal prep more palatable.

To get you started, our experts provide trendy, healthy techniques to consider:

Air Fryer

“Air fryers have taken off as a healthy alternative for those of us who enjoy fried food but don’t want the calories,” says Kirsten David, RDN at EduPlated, an organization that offers personalized nutrition coaching. Air fryers circulate hot air around the food at fast speeds. This creates a crispy layer similar in texture to fried foods without using any oil.

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David lists a few of the air fryer’s benefits:

  1. It bakes, grills and roasts. You can cook any favorite fried food item (breaded chicken, french fries, mozzarella sticks), as well as meatballs, homemade bagels and muffins.
  2. An air fryer takes only three minutes to preheat and often requires less cooking time than your oven.
  3. The fryer pan and basket can go straight into the dishwasher — no messy oil to dispose of or pans to soak and scrub clean.   Continue reading

Positive Health Wellness Infographic:

6 Healthy Food Prep Methods You Need To Know


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