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6 Creative Ways To Promote Your Brand


There is an expression that first, you work for a name, then the name works for you. In business, your name is the name of your company, that is, your brand. And if you are doing business in the long term, and not to “cut money off quickly,” then building and promoting the company’s brand is one of the most important tasks.

Here’s the bad news – there is no one secret trick or specific strategy in promoting a company’s brand that will make your company recognizable. A huge number of factors influence the brand promotion strategy.

  • Guerrilla marketing

This is not just a type of business promotion, rather there is a special philosophy here – not only to sell a product but also to do it with minimal effort and budget.

Therefore, the guerrilla marketer uses standard promotion methods in an unusual way. So, a wide variety of techniques can be used that will attract customers, up to the use of competitors’ advertising for their own purposes.

  • Viral videos

A prime example of how a creative approach can increase sales even without investing in an advertising budget.

Viral videos captured on a phone can have as much reach as TV ads. People themselves will distribute your ad by dropping links to friends.

But, unfortunately, only one of the hundreds of similar videos fires like this. There is no definite recipe for a successful viral fintech video. On the other hand, you risk almost nothing by trying this tool.

  • Articles “what to give …” with a mention of your product or services

Why not include your own product in these gift guides? Find bulk requests for gift ideas, study articles about it that are ranking on the first pages of the search results for such requests – and try creating a similar article on your store’s website (or pay for its placement elsewhere – with hyperlinks to your store, of course).

  • Instagram video ads

Instagram is a convenient service that allows users to share photos and videos. This is a great place to post your ads. Service users can earn. Especially if their pages are popular. Young people are interested in browsing the accounts of their idols, so the cost of advertising posts for celebrities is very high.

So, video ads are 30-second videos describing the product. If there is enough money, then the goods are advertised by the stars themselves.

  • VR elements

Consumers are looking for engaging content and will remember an ad only if it doesn’t just “catch on”, but is related to their personal experience. Therefore, marketers tirelessly master new technologies, wanting to find at least a bit of inspiration in them to impress their target audience. In the wake of this “spoiled” consumer and his desire for entertainment content, VR technology is turning into one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Any advertising appeal should attract the attention of a potential consumer, then arouse his interest, which should turn into a desire to own a product and, finally, induce an action – a purchase: VR attracts attention, as everything is new and technological: everyone is interested in what is “inside” this helmet on the head? 

The inference is clear: if you’re looking to promote a brand, VR marketing is a powerful way to bring people closer to your products through the intense emotion and personal experience a VR user has.

To successfully promote a product, it is not enough to create a high-quality and interesting product for the buyer. To achieve successful sales, you need not only to convey information about the new product to the target audience but also to interest it, to create a certain positive image in your head.