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5 Tips to Keep You Driving Safe This Summer

Every time you are behind the wheel, safety should be your priority. It does not matter whether you are on your own or with passengers. Not everyone is a skilled driver, even though most people assume they are. And as much no one wants to admit, at one point, you have been distracted by something while driving. To keep you safe, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

Get The Maintenance Done That Your Car Needs

One of the main reasons your car needs maintenance from time to time is to increase safety when driving. Maintenance prevents car parts from breaking or problems becoming bigger. Even issues you consider minor, check them out as soon as you notice them. For instance, if your windshield has a crack bigger than 12 inches, that is a sign for you to replace it. If ignored, the cracks are likely to escalate and obstruct your view. Another reason to keep in maintenance is that they ensure your car is performing at its best. You can enjoy things like stable steering and better tire traction, improving car performance.

Stay Focused

You need to focus all your attention on the road every time you are driving. You have to think of the road conditions, observe traffic rules and road markings, check your mirrors, and so much more. Therefore, you cannot afford to do other things like texting or eating. Anything that takes your attention away from seeing potential risks and accordingly reacting should be avoided. This is not only an issue with teen drivers. Even someone that has been driving for the longest time can get sloppy at times. Therefore, anyone on the road should avoid any distractions to minimize accidents.

Avoid Cutting People Off

Avoid cutting other drivers off as it can lead to a ticket, road rage, and in the worst cases, a collision. If you cut off someone with road rage issues, they can even start following you and scare you or harm you. In addition, you do not know the condition of the car you are cutting off. What if the vehicle does not brake on time, leading to a crash? For instance, a truck that is going 65 mph can take about two football fields to stop. That means that if you cut off a truck, you are likely to get into an accident. This leads to extra costs for repairing the vehicle, and if the impact of the crash was too severe, you could suffer injuries. If you want to overtake, do so correctly and always signal other drivers.

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Keep Your Speed Down

There are reasons why there are speed limits, and you have to adhere to them. When you are speeding, the risk of getting into an accident is high, since controlling your vehicle is much more difficult. In fact, speeding increases the chances of one getting into an accident by 4% to 5%. If you are going for a short trip, there is no need to speed and put your health in danger. On the other hand, if you are going far, you can leave early and make it on time if you do your calculations well.

Always Drive Sober

One of the major causes of road accidents is drunk driving, as it impairs one’s judgment. If you get behind a wheel when drunk, you will likely crash and injure yourself or others. Driving under the influence has led to people being paralyzed and some losing their lives. Out of the 5.5 million total car accidents happening in the US every year, 3 million have caused injuries, with 40,000 being fatal. From these statistics, some of these accidents can be avoided if a driver takes extra precautions. If you have to drink, get a cab later or have a designated driver take you back home.

Summer is supposed to be a fun time for the whole family. However, it can turn nasty real quickly if you do not pay attention to the road. Always practice safely while driving to avoid getting into an accident.