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5 Things to Consider When Choosing Parking Lot Lighting

Here is an actual install of the NextGen XTs at a hotel

The first thing that you notice about a parking lot is its illumination. If it is poorly-lit, it can result in a harrowing experience. If it’s an adequately lit parking space it helps both pedestrians and drivers feel safe. This makes a case for an efficient parking lot lighting system that has the potential to make or break the impression of its visitors.

The parking lot is the first touchpoint of location. When it comes to refurbishing, LED parking lot lights are the best option due to their brightness, cost-efficiency and durability.

While HID lighting systems are a conventional choice for parking lots, they are not as perfect as LEDs. They require more time to illuminate, regular re-lamping and ballast replacement requirements, adding higher maintenance costs. In contrast, LED parking lot lighting offers a better ROI with lower maintenance, quicker installation and pleasing light.

Here are five things you should consider when choosing LED parking lot lighting for your premises:

1. Placement of Pole

While there are varied parking lot layouts, parking lot light fixtures are typically attached to tall poles for even distribution of light. Whether you are deciding to upgrade or install new lights, you must decide where to keep your poles.

Since led lighting enables brighter light dispersion, you may end up with fewer poles than before and decide whether to leave or remove them. Consider the below when deciding on the ideal pole placement or replacement options:

  • Pole height
  • Distance between poles
  • The structural integrity of the pole

2. Replacement vs. Retrofitting

Retrofitting involves refurbishing the existing system with upgraded lighting technology. LED retrofit kits can help you improve your current light fixtures with improved lighting capabilities while reducing costs and time.

If you feel the layout and design of your current lighting system is sufficient, but its lighting efficiency can be enhanced, retrofit kits are the right choice. Your existing fixtures should be in good shape and support LEDs. Else you can consider replacing with new fixtures along with lighting.

3. Essential Light Characteristics for Parking Lot Lighting Application

Below are some essential features to consider for commercial LED parking lot lights:

  • Wattage – Depending on the area you want to cover, opt for the right wattage ranging from 16,000 to 40,000-lumen output per watt.
  • Correlated Color Temperature or CCT – Defines the color of the light’s glow for a warm or cool effect ranging from reddish-orange to a cool white or bluish color.
  • Color Rendering Index or CRI – A rating system that indicates the level of illumination compared to daylight conditions. The higher the rating, the more illuminated it looks close to natural light.
  • Backlight, Uplight and Glare Rating or BUG – Signifies ideal light distribution characteristics to detect light pollution from unwanted or undesirable directions.
  • Heat Distribution – The LED fixture’s enclosure should help control heat and keep operating temperature lower.

4. Adaptive and Protective Controls for Efficiency

LED  lights offer cutting-edge technology that comes with greater flexibility of adjusting dimness. They also offer Passive infrared photo or motion sensors that can detect motion to make automatic light adjustments. After sensors stop detecting motion, they tone down to their low mode after the set default time period and then completely shut off after running in low mode.

Another control option is photocell controls that direct lights to turn on and off based on the current amount of ambient light. You can consider some of these innovative controls to further increase energy savings and conserve energy when it is not needed.

5. Seek Professional Assessments and Assistance

If you are considering LED parking lot lighting but unsure where to start, get help from experts who are well-versed in this field to suggest the best course of action. A professional lighting service will perform a comprehensive assessment of your current system, if any and develop the right plan according to your specific requirements.

An adequately lit parking lot enhances safety and attracts more business. Owners should consider the above factors to determine the best lighting solution for the parking lot that are cost-effective, durable, and pleasing to the eyes.



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