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5 Signs A Protein Bar Is Worth Eating – Infographic

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Here’s the first thing you need to know when you go browsing the health bar aisle looking for options that are actually good for you:


And — if we’re being blunt — most bars that are labeled as being “healthy” have more in common with a candy bar than a handful of kale or a protein shake.

This is the health industry, where it’s much easier to slap buzzwords on a label than, you know, actually provide you with what you need.

But rather than let you be frustrated by marketing tactics (they exist in every business and with every product), we want to make your life easier. Because there are many good protein bars on the market.

We’re here to make it easy for you to identify the real deal from the real duds. That doesn’t mean you have to earn a Ph.D. in nutrition. Just follow these five rules and no matter what bar you select, you can feel good that you aren’t wasting your time (and calories) on a crappy candy bar.

5 Rules for Identifying Good Protein Bars

Rule #1: Sugar is NOT the first ingredient of a good protein bar

This rules seems obvious, but here’s why it’s so important:

1. Most people don’t look at the actual ingredients. They just scan things like “calories” or “protein.”   Continue reading

Infographic by Positive Health Wellness 

5 Signs A Protein Bar Is Worth Eating


Positive Health Wellness, excerpt posted on SouthFloridaReporter.com, Sept. 10, 2018

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