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5 Interesting Facts About Turquoise, The December Birthstone


Birthstones are a fun and great way to bring some symbolism into gemstones. Birthstones are a great option for gifting for birthdays. Birthstones often are gemstones that carry a lot of meaning and history to them.

Those lucky enough to be born in December get a very special birthstone. The birthstone for December is turquoise.Turquoise is a very special gemstone and many often gift this beautiful gem even for those not born in December. Here are five interesting facts about turquoise:

  1. Gift for 11th Anniversaries – Turquoise is not just the gemstone for December birthdays but also for 11th anniversaries. Turquoise is a symbol of romantic love and is also a symbol of strength. This makes it the perfect gift for the 11th year of your marriage. It can help to strengthen the romance between a couple. It is believed turquoise is a love charm. When a man gave a woman turquoise jewelry is was a symbol of declaring his love for her. You do not necessarily have to give a turquoise gemstone as a wedding gift if you are only exchanging small gifts. Instead, you can implement the color of turquoise into your gift or card for your significant other.
  2. One of the Oldest Gemstones – This gemstone has a long history and is enveloped in mystery. Turquoise is one of the oldest gemstones. It is a gemstone associated with good fortune and life. It has been considered a holy stone for many different cultures and religions.
  3. Named after Turkey – Many think that the gem is named after the color. However, it is actually an Old French word for the country Turkey. It is believed that turquoise originated in Turkey and then brought over to Europe through the Silk Road. However, turquoise has been used by many different cultures all over the world.
  4. Favored in Many Cultures – Turquoise has a bright vibrant color and ability to develop different colors over time make it a special gemstone in many different cultures. From the Persian Empire to many Native American cultures, turquoise has been used in many different ways because it is considered a holy stone by many. It is featured in many famous antiquities such as King Tutankhamun’s golden mask and thousands of years old antiques from China. Royal families around the world have also caught on to the fascinating qualities of turquoise. Most famously is the Queen Mother’s Persian turquoise tiara that is also known as the Triumph of Love tiara.  Turquoise is most noteworthy with its usage among Native American tribes such as the Navajo and Apache, who used the gemstone extensively in jewelry. Native Americans believed the gemstone aided in protection and healing.
  5. Healing Qualities – Turquoise is well-known for having many healing qualities. For example, in the ancient Persian Empire, it was worn around the neck or wrist to help protect against unnatural death. It is also said that turquoise helps with breathing problems and anxiety. The gem is also said to bring about positive energy.

Turquoise is not only a beautiful gemstone but one packed with history and lure. Gifting turquoise for those born in December is a great way to show them how much you love them. It is also a great gem to gift because of its long history of positive energy and healing.