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5 Benefits of Refrigerant Leak Detectors

One of the Leak Detectors

Refrigerant leak detectors have become a handy commodity as they save people thousands of dollars in repairs, spoiled goods, and much more.

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), or hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are all highly toxic gases that contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer. Refrigerants contain these gases, and most times, the refrigerant leaks are not discovered until there are spoilage and cooling difficulties.

Here are some benefits of refrigerant leak detectors:

  • Save Money 

Many factors can cause leaks, but the underlying problem is that we fail to detect and diagnose the issue adequately. Factors such as improper installation, reduced maintenance and faulty refrigerant charging can significantly cost you a lot of money to fix and maintain.

If you have a proper leak detector, then you can save yourself anywhere between $500-$1500. That is a significant amount to save and if you are not vigilant, other factors such as the hourly rate of the company, installation fee and location can raise the price.

  • Beneficial for health

Asphyxia is one of the effects that refrigerant gases possess as leaks are rarely detected. Refrigerant gases cannot be detected without a proper HVAC leak detector as they are odorless, colorless and more substantial than air. If a refrigerant leak occurs, gas will collect from the ground and rise up to the ceiling, potentially reaching dangerous levels.

The gas will replace atmospheric oxygen, which will cause asphyxia to people who are present in the room, office, or other inhabited space affected by the leak. The detectors will be able to prevent the dizziness, headache, asphyxiation and other illnesses that may come with the gas leakages. Gases such as Freon, CFCs and HCFCs will be able to be detected by the leak detectors.

  • Maximum Energy Efficiency

Detectors can cut the energy you waste by ensuring the appliances are in proper shape. They check to see if any leakages are present, which will reduce energy efficiency as the majority is being leaked out. The detectors let you know when to service your appliances, replace inoperational equipment and improves efficiency.

  • Long-Lasting 

Most leak detectors are long-lasting, which means you won’t have to worry about the excess spending to fix the appliances. Some run on batteries such as the INFICON TEK-Mate 705-202-G1 Refrigerant Leak Detector, which means as long as that power source is available, thousands of dollars can be saved.

  • Time Saver 

The automatic refrigerant leak detector takes just a few seconds to identify the problem. In contrast, the other methods take longer as they use UV dyes and soapy water. These are the conventional methods of detecting a leak in your HVAC system.

However, a UV dye can reduce the overall performance of the unit if it’s not compatible with the refrigerant, and it’s time-consuming to get soapy water every time you notice a leak.

Types of Refrigerant Leak Detectors 

Fieldpiece Heated Diode Refrigerant Leak Detector – SRL8

  1. It takes only 30 seconds to start working.
  2. The LED display indicates the remaining life of the battery.
  3. It comes with a rugged and sturdy case that protects the unit from damage.
  4. Automatically resets itself to zero after every few seconds, thus ensuring accuracy.

INFICON TEK-Mate 705-202-G1 Refrigerant Leak Detector

  1. The sensitive sensor can detect tiny leaks.
  2. 2-year warranty on defects of craft and material.
  3. High/low sensitivity selector and power in a single switch.

LotFancy Refrigerant Freon Leak Detector

  1. Capable of detecting a variety of refrigerants.
  2. The stainless steel hose is very flexible and durable.
  3. Budget-friendly price makes it easier for everyone to buy.
  4. Equipped with ultra-low power consumption IC construction.


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