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4 Top Ways to Make the Best of Your Retirement in Florida


After years of hard work and dedication to serving others with your skills and talents, you’re ready to reap the rewards of your labor. You may be approaching retirement and want to be sure it’s all you’ve dreamed it would be.

You might also be several years from retirement, but looking for ways to maximize your experience. Although most people don’t have enough money saved for the future, taxpayers in America generally have a positive outlook on retirement. 

Whether you’re approaching retirement or working on a future retirement plan, your choices are essential to meeting your goals. You’ve accumulated life savings for a reason, and you probably have a picture of how you want the last stretch of your life to look. Do you want to spend the rest of your years at sea and retire on a cruise ship, or live a life of leisure and simplicity in Florida like most retirees? 

There are several reasons many Americans choose Florida as their retirement spot. The Sunshine State has plenty to offer citizens of all ages, but it is a prime spot for seasoned individuals retiring from full-time work. If you’re planning to retire in Florida, here are four ways to make the most of your time there.  

Choose Your City Wisely

Whether you have thousands or millions of dollars saved for retirement, you should have a strategy when choosing your city. Some areas in Florida are more conducive to a retired lifestyle than others, depending on your situation. If you prefer to live on the water in a beach house, keep in mind you will likely pay more taxes and higher insurance premiums. You would also need to set aside a larger emergency fund for evacuations, as almost half of the hurricanes that reach America touch land in Florida. 

But cities like Jacksonville and Orlando are popular for retirees because of the active golf scene and exciting theme parks. While fun and excitement are necessary additions to your retirement years, you should also be practical. 

Expensive areas like Naples and Palm Beach may not be realistic for you if you don’t have enough savings. You can use your savings wisely by taking the time to research and choose a city that fits your lifestyle and your budget.  

Consider a Retirement Community

Depending on your personality type and preferences, living in a retirement community might be a good option. Some retirees move from the northern states to escape the blistering cold winters and enjoy warmer weather. Whether you’re moving across the country or snowbirding to the south, you’ll need to plan ahead to make a smooth transition. 

Your plan might include selling your house and downsizing to a smaller home in a retirement community in Florida. You can benefit from stabilizing your housing costs while eliminating some of the responsibilities and maintenance of a traditional single-family home. This is an especially good choice if you prefer to live a minimalist lifestyle in retirement.

You could sell things you don’t need, find a service that offers car shipping to Florida, and enjoy the ease and structure of a retirement community. These communities often provide safety, are easier to maintain, are conveniently located, and have cheaper property taxes. You should definitely consider this option if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for you. 

Keep Healthcare in Mind

One of the most overlooked and underestimated retirement expenses is healthcare. Your options for health insurance will vary depending on the age you retire. Unless you’re disabled, Medicare will not be an option until you are at least 65 years old. Your strategy should include living in a city with affordable costs, including healthcare expenses.

You should research healthcare plans in Florida before you make the move, and know the details of your plan so you can avoid additional costs due to network status and escalated facility charges. Florida has some of the top-ranked hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic in Jacksonville. If you have chronic health conditions being managed by specialists, you should consider living near good hospitals and provider offices. 

Choose an Outdoor Hobby

Living in Florida means over 200 days of sunshine, and an outdoor hobby is a perfect way for you to take advantage of it. Florida is the state if you are a golfer or are interested in learning to golf. There are over a thousand golf courses in Florida, which is another reason for its high percentage of senior citizens. 

But if golfing is not your thing, there are plenty of other opportunities for outdoor recreation in the Sunshine State. Florida has several national parks and beaches across the state so it will not be hard to find outdoor activities. If you’re more of an introvert, you might enjoy gardening as a healthy and relaxing way to spend time in the sun. The possibilities are endless in Florida so you should consider the things you like to do when choosing where you want to live. 

The retirement statistics in America can be positive or negative, depending on your situation. But you do have options that can maximize your resources so you can retire with dignity while living the lifestyle you want. Florida is the best state for many retirees to live this life.

 You can make the most of your time there by carefully choosing which city to live in, considering a retirement community, focusing on access to healthcare, and choosing an outdoor hobby to stay active. Once you’ve built a strategy, you can use your savings to enjoy your retirement years in the beautiful state of Florida.