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4 Tips for Effective Workplace Fall Protection In Florida & The US

Falls can be fatal. Regardless of your industry, however, falls are a significant hazard. As an employer, apart from lawsuits and substantial financial losses in terms of compensations and insurance claims, without active fall protection measures, your reputation and profitability can be significantly affected.

While adopting a fall protection strategy, you need to train your employees and also provide a safe working environment. With Guardian Fall Protection, your organization can conveniently find necessary fall protection gear regardless of your industry. While striving to minimize if not eliminate falls, here are a few tips to include in your strategy.

Proper planning

Proper planning entails the establishment of fall hazards, educating your employees on safety measures, and providing appropriate fall protection gear. While starting a new project, for instance, if you don’t offer relevant fall protection information to your employees, they might have the equipment but fail to use it the right way, or while under timeline pressure, ignore the safety measures.

Determining the best anchor points as well as establishing fall clearances are not concerns that everyone understands, and you need to provide relevant training to ensure that your employees understand what to do as well as where and which gear to use.

Inspect fall protection gear

Regular fall protection gear inspection ensures that they are in good working conditions. As they age, some fall protection gear may wear, or due to exposure to certain conditions, lose their effectiveness. Some parts might also be misplaced, and as you strive to enhance fall protection, regular checks allow you to spot such concerns before they get out of hand.

Invest in comfortable gear

While you could only be interested in purchasing fall protection gear that meets the industry standards, spending a few bucks to enhance comfort could be all the change you need. Getting your employees to wear the fall protection gear properly is challenging enough, and having them wear cumbersome and annoying gear does no good in enhancing fall safety.

Harness, for instance, while necessary, could be uncomfortable yet needed for hours if not the whole day.  You could, however, invest a few extra bucks and get quality and comfortable no-frills harness or harnesses complete with padding, not to mention lightweight retractable lanyards among other considerations that offer comfort without affecting functionality.

Identify all fall hazards

Even with the most effective fall protection plan and gear, some risks can quickly go unnoticed. While examining the working environment, establishing all potential fall hazards goes a long way in eliminating what might seem insignificant yet poses a real threat. For instance, on construction sites, concerns such as welding leads, cords, air hoses among other elements might not seem like an obvious fall hazard, yet if improperly placed, it could lead to an increased fall rate. Keeping such items adjacent to work areas or walkways could increase fall chances, and as you implement an effective fall protection strategy, you need to factor such elements.

With a range of gear to choose from, Guardian Fall Protection helps you implement an effective strategy that reduces falls, enhances productivity, and eases your workplace management.