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4 Theft Prevention Tips for Your Home and Car


Robberies happen all around the country daily, with homes and cars both acting as popular targets for thieves looking to make a quick buck. Protecting the property you have can prevent you from becoming a victim and losing items that are important to you. Here are some ways you can stop your home and car from being broken into.

Assess The Property

Estimates from 2013 show that victims of burglary lost $4.5 billion in property losses. Burglaries of residential properties made up over 70% of these losses. To prevent your home from becoming a target, look at the outside of your home like you are a potential thief. Are there easy entrance points, like first-floor windows that do not lock? Is there a back or side entrance that doesn’t get much light? Is your car parked on a busy street or a dark garage that runs along a back lane? Adding simple things like a lock on the side door or a motion sensor light to the garage door can be enough to deter thieves who are just looking for an easy score. If you live in a rental property that you can’t make permanent changes to, consider getting a dog or an aftermarket video doorbell to add another layer of protection without installing anything permanent.

Be Aware of Scams and Traps

Some thieves will prey on your good nature to get an opportunity to steal your vehicle. They will flag you down, pretending to have a flat tire and need help or get into a fender bender with you so you will come out of the car. In 2015, there were almost 750,000 hit-and-run car accidents, some surely acting as a pretense for a larger scam.  To cut down on your chance of having your car stolen, do not stop to help others, especially at night or in deserted areas. If you see another motorist who is having trouble and you want to do something to help, you can call the local highway patrol out to help them.

Keep an Account of What You Have for Insurance

Have you ever wondered how many things you have in your home? The average American household has some 300,000 possessions between the walls. This figure includes everything from high-dollar items like your television and computer to things that hold sentimental value. Replacing these items after a break-in can be expensive and at times impossible, but it’s still good to be prepared. Take photos and make a list of any high-dollar items so if there is a break-in, you can get compensated by your homeowners or renter’s insurance. After a robbery occurs, when you’re in a panic, it can be hard to remember everything that is missing, and you’ll be glad to have this inventory already put together.

Use Technology to Track Your Items

In some cases, taking devices can backfire on the thief as the victims can use the built-in tracking capabilities to find the device. If your iPad or iPhone was taken during a break-in, try locating it from your iCloud account before the thief has a chance to reset the device. Old tablets or cell phones that you no longer use can be stored in the car, so you can use the Find my Device feature and locate them. You can give the information about where the car is located to the police to follow up and hopefully recover your things.

No one wants to find out they’ve been the victim of car theft or a break-in. By taking action to protect what is yours, you can minimize your chance of becoming a target and the ensuing impact on your mental health



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