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4 Reasons Why Everyone Loves New York City

Once you’ve had your first small bite of the delicious Big Apple, you’ll be hooked for life; you’ve just tasted something wonderfully new and you know that. That little bite, even if it’s for a day or a month, leaves you with such a taste for the city that you want to keep coming back for more. It is no surprise, therefore, when you find out that New York City is on everybody’s bucket list!

New York City is located at New York State’s southern tip and is considered as the most populous city in the United States. This great city plays a significant role in the global economic system due to its huge impact on global fashion, finance, commerce, art, technology, research, entertainment and education. People give plenty of reasons why they are simply in love with NYC, but here are the most common reasons.

1. A 24-Hour City

Few other cities on Earth exude as much energy as New York City does. There is no competition in that regard behind and New Yorkers will do just about anything at any time day or night. Multiple retail stores (Macy’s, Target, and Walgreens) have set up locations throughout NYC that have their doors open; continuously supplying everything from laundry detergent to Cheetos.

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No matter when or where you wander around the city, you will find people outside doing something, some with an intention, others just exploring. New York’s bustling traffic, 24-hour life, the city’s fast pace, the hustle and bustle of tourists and New Yorkers, as well as its creative spirit are just some of the things that make this glorious city the most active place on Earth.

2. Creativity at Every Turn

Due to space constraints, New Yorkers have had to get creative with how they integrate their cultural hot spots. Planners are often seeking innovative solutions by reclaiming run-down or disused spaces and transforming them into establishments filled with cultural meaning. For instance, Socrates Sculpture Park in Long Island City was opened on top of a former garbage dump.

The city has a way of inspiring everyone in it by giving him or her the feeling that they can accomplish anything they want to achieve. This is the feeling you get as you survey the busy NYC streets. An ordinary day in the subway, sidewalk café, on the street or anywhere else is likely to inspire you.

3. Food Everywhere

If you are new to NYC, ask a friend for a suggestion, and he or she will likely tell you about a great place that offers mouth-watering food, the next street over. New York City has such a huge number of eating places that it will take you 22.7 years to eat at each one of them! The culinary power of NYC extends far beyond the standard omelettes and French fries, and you have the choice of over 9,000 places to deliver food to wherever you are!

4. Friendly People

New Yorkers are friendly people that always come together in large and small ways after any crisis. While they are said to always be in a rush, are loud and occasionally cranky, anyone who’s lived in the Big Apple will know that this is a bit of an exaggeration. New Yorkers are in fact eager to help you and friendly; there are numerous stories of people coming together to help each other.

Finally, another great reason for loving New York City is the large number of parks easily available via services like a hop-on-hop-off bus. Some of the most famous parks include Central Park, Bryant Park, and Fort Tryon Park. If after eventful city exploration you feel like some peace and quiet, these oases are there for you.

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